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Study Explores Connections Between Diet and ā€˜Serious Mental Illnessesā€™

Study finds that individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression have diets that are more inflammatory and higher in calories.

Research Emphasizes Association Between Inflammation, Diet, and Depression

Study finds adults with a pro-inflammatory diet have a greater incidence of depression.

Critical Influence of Nutrition on Psychosocial Wellbeing in Childhood

The bidirectional relationship between diet and nutrition and social, emotional, and educational factors among European youth.

What is Brain Fog: The Mental Fatigue That Ruins Your Mood

FromĀ ZME Science: More people than ever before are regularly experiencing "brain fog," a collection of symptoms including fatigue, inability to focus, memory deficiency, confusion,...

Lifestyle Changes, Not a Magic Pill, Can Reverse Alzheimer’s

FromĀ Aeon: A recent study at UCLA found that lifestyle changes including diet modifications, exercise, stress management, and increasedĀ sleep can significantly improve the memory and...

Researchers Search for Subgroups Where Antidepressants Are More Effective

The researchers theorized that this increased effectiveness was due not to ā€œantidepressantā€ properties, but rather to the drugā€™s side effects, which include insomnia, drowsiness, and nausea.

A Healthier Diet Reduces Depressive Symptoms

The ā€œMediterranean dietā€ has been associated with reduced risk of depressive symptoms, and a new study demonstrates that dietary changes may be an effective treatment intervention.

An Important Documentary: Letters from Generation Rx

Letters from Generation Rx is the second documentary from international award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller about the challenges of treating mental health symptoms with psychotropic drugs. We are grateful that Miller interviewed both of us for Letters ā€” and his film highlights the struggle weā€™ve faced in bringing our research on nutrition and mental illness to the world. But make no mistake, the ā€œstarsā€ of Millerā€™s documentary are the everyday people who bravely share their personal sagas for all to see. Their stories will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Emphasis on Nutrition Needed to Reform Mental Health Treatments

Even thought current mental health treatments are ā€œsuboptimal,ā€ there is a lack of attention paid to the preventative effects of diet and nutrition. Recent studies suggests that nutritional changes can influence the risk for mental health issues and that nutritional supplements, called nutraceuticals, can be prescribed for existing conditions.