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Dehumanization Linked to Poorer Mental and Physical Health

A new review finds that dehumanizing language, including self-dehumanization, is connected to anxiety, depression, and disordered eating.

A Social Psychiatry Manifesto that Takes Social Context Seriously

A re-visioned approach to social psychiatry aims to understand the broad influence of social life on mental health.

Community-Driven Healthcare for the Homeless Reduces Hospital Costs

Direct access to care in safe locations is key in reducing healthcare costs and increasing quality of life for homeless populations.

Study Explores Pain Assessment for Medically Complex, Nonverbal Children

To what extent are healthcare providers equipped to assess nuance in the experiences of pain among nonverbal children?

To Be a Good Doctor, Study the Humanities

In this piece for Pacific Standard, Angira Patel discusses the role that studying the humanities can play in helping doctors become more empathetic and culturally...

Stigmatizing Language in Medical Records Affects Patient Care

From Medical Xpress: A recent study found that the language used in a patient’s chart notes may affect how well that patient is treated, and how...

Medical Symptoms That Medicine Can’t Hear

From Pacific Standard: Women's medical problems have long been dismissed as psychological by our healthcare system. In her new book Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad...

#MeToo in Medicine: Women Harassed in Hospitals

From NBC: Although sexual harassment is widespread in the field of medicine, women face significant barriers to speaking out and reporting abuse. In light of...

The Doctors Encouraging People of Color to Join Their Ranks

From STAT: A group of doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals have started a traveling program called Tour for Diversity that goes all over the...

The Inaugural “Shkreli Awards!”

This piece for the Lown Institute lists 10 of the most egregious examples of profit-mongering and lack of empathy in healthcare in 2017. These examples include...

53% of Docs Still Not Transitioning to Value-Based Care

From Modern Healthcare: There has been a recent uptick in the number of doctors transitioning to value-based care, but 53 percent of physicians still have not...

Challenges in Measuring Low-Value Healthcare

Differences in patient-centric versus service-centric measures make quantifying low-value care difficult.