Stigmatizing Language in Medical Records Affects Patient Care


From Medical Xpress: A recent study found that the language used in a patient’s chart notes may affect how well that patient is treated, and how aggressively their pain is managed, for years to come.

“Mary Catherine Beach, M.D., M.P.H., designed the study to determine whether the language and descriptions used in patient records can perpetuate bias among physicians. More than 400 physicians-in-training—medical students and residents—were presented with one of two vignettes about a hypothetical patient, a 28-year-old man with sickle cell disease and chronic hip pain.

While the vignettes contained medically identical information, one used neutral language to describe the patient and his condition, while the other vignette contained nonessential language that implied various value judgements.

Beach and her research colleagues found that physicians-in-training who read the stigmatizing patient chart notes were significantly more likely to have a negative attitude toward the patient than those who read the chart containing more neutral language.”

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  1. Its not just the words of misery they use- its their faces, and their body languages – the whole “misery” see – slur see- practice of psychiatry, is killing us all- the expressions on their faces from their ugly imaginings, and the harm, of that, as they hypothesize, and lie, from it, the indoctrinated ugly imaginings, are very very damaging, even when you think derogatorily, about someone, your hurting them- speaking its even worse- calling people names is nasty regardless- and not just to the looked at- the lookers harming themselves as well- misery is misery- share it you hurt two-verbal hey- we haven’t even arrived where everything you do think imagine or and say effects others- even when your not expressing it- bad thoughts effect people- bad feelings towards people adversely effect people- ugly heads looking at people effect people- a sad face effects people- a happy face ef– etc- and all that’s, apart from what they do to you, physically, poison wise- mentally- emotionally- and violently- after they imagine the ugliness they’ve been taught to see/imagine with/by- that their heavily vested in– sry- blinded in- snowed into. they sit there with their ugly heads, and misery see judgements, not even realizing, their so far removed from what really matters-, just doing that, alone, is harming their victim- ugly people thinking ugly things in order to, “do ugly things” to others- is bent- and nasty- harmful- and misery acting/ thinking. regardless. I’m not saying their intrinsically evil or ignorant- but i am saying their indoctrinated into an evil- masquerading as a good- and were all young and vulnerable right up to 28- then we mature and grow up a bit- so its a bit hard to blame kids believing in indoctrination’s when we all know cult people, congregation people- suck in vulnerable young people too- like any cult will do or try to do- and try to stop a Mormon or a JW believing- going to church- praying- virtually impossible- and for those people- we actually feel sorry for them- we don’t blame them- we blame the organization- the operators- the parents- teachers- anyway, that’s how i feel about Psychiatry- and Psychiatrists- the majority of them anyway. The manipulated- manipulating society into its misery, “new religion”- ringing a bell- gong ding dong. hear ye, hear ye, here ye. You can be clever in thinking but not have a heart – when to some people- a hearts the biggest and only true measure of people- intelligence- the only measure to some people, that counts. matters. Its my measure anyway cause to me, academia is just a good memory- and that’s all it is. A head only thinks- and its got a LIAR LIVING IN THERE- whereas a heart thinks and feels- it wins, hands down. A hearts there to keep you safe from the head- just you’ve got to be listening and fully connected to your heart to know that- see that- and benefit from that. without that connection its all brain- and brains lie. hearts don’t. Were all giving everything to brain when its a thief and a liar- we started with the heart/and psychology a long time ago- when after the initial accepting of the wrongs, or things that go/are wrong- that mess with peoples minds, lives, and families, were just starting to get into the psyche, and accepting understanding, of the needs for people, to get well- do well- overcome- that is, until, along came a spider who sat down beside her-who took advantage of the head peoples despair- cause they, (the indoctrinated psyches) couldn’t do the feeling thing anyway- psyche – try- not psyche- logic- and they had to take responsibility for only doing head stuff- no time with their kids,- messed up kids- needing time, emotional support, etc-etc- was too much for them to take- or feel responsible for, or about- which was part of their healing- and their kids- so the spider, never missing an opportunity- sidled up alongside them, and whispered in their ears- its all a chemical imbalance– nothing wrong with you or your parenting- nothing “to do with you”so you could imagine how happy these head people were, about that- from that, they worked out, if we can get these people doubting these psychologists- we can clean up- so then they made this “how mad are you flyer”- somewhere late sixties, early seventies- and sent them to every household in the states- when things were still in favor of self realization- therapy- talk- education- etc- where the average American thought just like wed all probably think- oh ye- lets see how mad we are- :-)- with this new psychiatry thing they’ve got going- unfortunately they just didn’t realise what it was aiming to do- and what they were setting themselves up for, might have been fine, or not so bad, had they not sent them back- but a majority sent them back didn’t they- silly buggers, anyway an Industry was born- and here we are thirty forty years later in head land- everyone in their heads- no one getting outta there, cause their all being sucked in, constantly, continually, by the industry propaganda machine, -drugged with it- weakened with and by it- insanity- insecurity- sadness- despair- etc etc..

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