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Rates of Opioid Use Remain High Among US Adolescents

Researchers investigate trends in opioid use, prescriptions, misuse, and access reported by adolescents and young adults.

How Race and Class Impact Schizophrenia and Substance-Use Diagnoses

A new article explores how psychiatric diagnoses are differentially applied to people of different racial and class backgrounds.

Psychiatrists Warn Policymakers Benzodiazepine Overuse Could Lead to Next Epidemic

Although opioid addiction and overuse have garnered significant national attention, similar trends in benzodiazepine overprescription and overuse continue to go unnoticed.

“John Oliver blasts pharma’s role in U.S. opioid epidemic”

“As of 2015, an estimated 2.6 million Americans were addicted to” opioids, Oliver noted, citing SAMHSA numbers. “And they’re now involved in almost 30,000 overdose deaths a...

Go Figure: Murder or Accident?

While Shipman’s killing spree with opiods was unfolding, North America was sinking into a prescription opioid epidemic that now accounts for 100 deaths per day, over 30,000 per year, over half a million since the epidemic began, perhaps the single greatest cause of death in America today.

“CDC Issues Sweeping New Guidelines to Restrict Opioid Prescribing”

The CDCs new guidelines are targeted at primary care physicians and family doctors who write the majority of prescriptions for opioids and other painkillers....

“Prince Died Amid Frantic Plans for Drug Addiction Treatment”

Prince was found dead one day before he was scheduled to meet with Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a national authority on opioid addiction treatment. Within...

“Makers of OxyContin Bankroll Efforts to Undermine Prescription Painkiller Reform”

The Intercept reports that the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and market opioid painkillers have funded a number of groups designed to fight prescription drug reform.

“US Opioid Epidemic Fueled by Prescribing Practices”

Medscape Psychiatry reports that the “man-made epidemic” of opioid abuse in the United States is the result of over-prescription and poor research.