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Big Pharma: The Global Effect

In this piece for Vision Magazine, Danit Felber details the U.S. pharmaceutical industry's efforts to stomp out foreign competition. "What does this mean practically? A nonprofit...

The Corruption of Evidence Based Medicine — Killing for Profit

From Medium: According to many prominent physicians, so-called "evidence based medicine" is no longer useful. Much of the evidence base has been corrupted by the...

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Contemporary Capitalism

In this piece for the Monthly Review, Joel Lexchin details four strategies that the pharmaceutical industry is utilizing in order to maintain its high level...

The Pharmaceutical Industry is No Stranger to Fake News

From STAT: The notion of "fake news" has recently become a widespread topic of discourse. However, the pharmaceutical industry has been using tactics that involve spreading...

Are Nurses the New Sales Reps? Doctors Should be Aware

From STAT: According to a recently unsealed lawsuit, Eli Lilly has illegally hired nurses to promote its diabetes treatments to physicians and patients for the...

Billion Dollar Deals and How They Changed Your World

A new BBC documentary, "Health," investigates the deals struck between health professionals and pharmaceutical companies. The documentary includes an interview with Dr. James Davies, co-founder of the...

Biotech Exploits a Loophole in a Federal Transparency Law

From STAT: A small biotech company, AveXis, recently offered a $3,000 honorarium along with paid airfare and lodging to several experts to attend a so-called...

Cause of Death: Unknown

A new film, "Cause of Death: Unknown" investigates the pharmaceutical industry and the deaths that have been caused by psychiatric drugs. The film will...

Time for Full Transparency on Pharmaceutical Money

From The Toronto Star: Ontario law should require pharmaceutical companies to not only disclose payments to physicians but also make public their contributions to all...

The Score is Even

From The Hastings Center: Three years ago, a pharmaceutical company created and funded a feminist group called Even the Score to campaign for FDA approval of...

Big Pharma Enlists Leading Professors to Justify Drug Prices

From ProPublica: The pharmaceutical company has deployed a potent new ally to justify skyrocketing drug prices. Precision Health Economics, a firm comprised of leading economists and...

“Bernie Sanders Blasts FDA Commish Nominee Califf”

Democratic Presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders, questioned the nominee for FDA commissioner, Robert Califf, during yesterday’s Senate hearing. Sanders remarked that we need a commissioner who will stand up to the pharmaceutical companies and protect American consumers. Of Califf, he added, “with regret, I think that you are not that person.”