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Researchers Identify Demographic, Ideological Factors Associated With Refugee Prejudice

A new analysis finds multiple antecedents of refugee prejudice, including religiousness, conservatism, and education.

Bias Against Fat People is So Endemic We Don’t Recognize It

From Medical Xpress: People from all marginalized backgrounds are subjected to microaggressions and hostility every day, which has serious physical and mental health consequences. But our...


In this episode of BBC's Thinking Allowed, Laurie Taylor invites three researchers to speak about the origins and meaning of the term "stigma," as well as...

The ‘A’ Word

In this piece, Keris Myrick critiques the usage of the word "anosognosia" and reflects on its power to harm the people it is directed...

Psychologists Surveyed Hundreds of Alt-Right Supporters

From Vox: Recently, psychologists Patrick Forscher and Nour Kteily surveyed members of the alt-right to build the first psychological profile of their movement. Compared to the...

Study Finds Mistreatment and Psychological Distress Among LGBT Prisoners in the...

The rate of incarceration for lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals is roughly three times that of the general population and they experience significantly higher rates of victimization and mistreatment in prison.

It’s Time for a Revolution Within the Revolution: Coming Out of...

If we are to demand justice for our brothers and sisters in hospitals, jails and community-based programs, then we must demand justice for women, Blacks and other POC who are being discriminated against. We cannot continue to be silent while 50% of us are regulated to the back, and not allowed space at the table. Our fellow community members are wounded by the silence. We expect and are now demanding to be treated better.