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The Moving Basis of Mental Health Diagnosis

In this opinion piece for The Chronicle Herald, Dr. A.J. discusses the subjective nature of psychiatric diagnosis and the DSM. Citing research by Paula Kaplan,...

Pratima Singh: Exploring Alternatives to Biological Psychiatry

Pratima Singh, who got her medical degree in India, works at the Maudsley NHS Hospital in London as an adult psychiatrist. She has a deep interest in alternatives to biological approaches to psychiatry and the use of psychotropic medications.

Psychiatry Group Tells Members They Can Ignore Goldwater Rule

From STAT: The American Psychoanalytic Association has given its members permission to ignore the "Goldwater rule" and comment publicly on the mental state of government...

Overemphasis on Disease Entities in Psychosis

From Critical Psychiatry: Jim van Os, who has argued we should abandon the term "schizophrenia," recently wrote an article in support of a unitary model...

Monica Cassani: Achieving Health in Body, Mind and Spirit

Monica Cassini has seen the mental health system from both sides – as a social worker and as a person whose life was severely ruptured by psychiatric drugs. She writes critically about the system, as well as holistic pathways of healing without medication.

Will Hall: A Harm Reduction Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Will is a mental health advocate, counsellor, writer, and teacher. Will advocates the recovery approach to mental illness and is recognised internationally as an innovator in the treatment and social response to psychosis.

Lisa Forestell: Hearing Voices Movement and the Western Massachusetts Learning Community

What is it like to hear voices — and are all voices harmful or can they also be helpers? What does voice hearing say about the human mind – and the society we live in?

Robert Whitaker: The Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America

We discuss Robert's 2010 book, Anatomy of an Epidemic, which is arguably the definitive account of the realities of psychiatric drugs and completely lays bare the astonishing rise in mental ill health despite the availability of psychiatric drugs.

Lucy Johnstone: Why Underlying Causes of Emotional Distress are Often...

Doctor Lucy Johnstone talks about our reliance on the concept of diagnosis, how that doesn't fit well with psychological or emotional distress and how a predominantly biomedical view of tends to lead to a purely medication centred approach to mental healthcare.

Invitations to Crucial Re-orientation

In this lecture for the Forum for Existential Psychology and Therapy, Søren Hertz, a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Denmark, challenges our tendencies on to focus on individual...

Hold Your Heads Together to Reduce Prejudice of Mental Health

From Openforwards: The biomedical model of mental illness does not reduce prejudice against those who are suffering from mental health concerns. Words like "illness" and...

Unreliability of fMRI Emotional Biomarkers

From Discover Magazine: A recent study found that neural responses to emotional stimuli are highly variable even within the same individual, which could hinder researchers' ability...

Marion Brown: Psychiatric Drugs, Human Givens Therapy and Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Marion Brown is Psychotherapist who works with the Human Givens approach to supporting people in emotional or psychological distress, she has become increasingly concerned about the effects of psychotropic medications on patients.

Is Psychiatry Partisan?

From The Atlantic: This June, the Supreme Court will make an important decision regarding the role of mental health experts in death penalty cases. The...

Mental Health Awareness Month: Seven Things to be Aware of

In this piece for Truthout, Noel Hunter lists seven facts it is important to be cognizant of during Mental Health Awareness Month, from the influence...

You are not Mentally Ill

In this piece for Medium, Brendan O'Neill critiques campaigns that aim to de-stigmatize "mental illness" and the trend toward identifying as "mentally ill." "The problem here...

Against the Biomedical Model of Mental Illness

From Invisible Illness: The biomedical model of mental illness is a reductionist paradigm that focuses excessively on locating biomarkers and neural correlates of emotional distress at...

Is Mental Illness Real?

From The Guardian: Conceptualizing emotional distress or suffering as the result of a biological, genetic illness may be stigmatizing and inaccurate, and may lead to...

Crazy Talk: The Dangerous Rhetoric of Mental Illness

In this piece for Eidolon, Jessica Wright discusses the ways that labeling people as "crazy" and "mentally ill" has served to justify oppression throughout history....

Christopher: A Transformational Journey from Psychiatric Hospital To Working In Peer...

Christopher describes his transformational journey starting with a very difficult childhood which led him to be treated for many years with various psychiatric medications. After successfully withdrawing, he now works a Program Manager for Heart & Soul inc in California, an organisation which offers a variety of mental health recovery-oriented and wellness support opportunities.

Don’t Blame Trump’s Brain

From Discover Magazine: Using psychiatry and neuroscience to explain President Trump's personality and behavior leads to circular reasoning. "We don’t need these kinds of quasi-scientific analyses of...

A Disorder for Everyone!

The initiative "A Disorder for Everyone!", which critically examines the culture of psychiatric diagnosis, has launched a new website. Click here to view videos of...

Lyme is ‘All in Your Head’ – A Wake-up Call to...

Sufferers are desperate for mental health professionals to understand Lyme so that they will know to consider it as a potential differential diagnosis before plying a patient with psychotropic meds that may make matters worse.

Choosing a Specialty: A Letter to a Medical Student

In this letter to a medical student considering pursuing psychiatry as a specialty, psychiatrist Nassir Ghaemi cautions that unlike other medical specialties, psychiatry can...

Your Psychiatrist Might be Wrong

From Pakistan Today: Psychiatry may lack scientific objectivity in comparison with other fields of medicine. "The mind sciences – psychology or psychiatry – have always been...