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The Secret History of Emotions

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: The classical view of emotion, which asserts that emotions have distinct and universal facial expressions, bodily patterns, and brain circuitry,...

An Alternative Perspective on Psychotherapy: It is Not a ‘Cure’

Kev Harding argues against conceptualizations of therapy as a ‘cure’ to an ‘illness’ and instead offers alternative approaches.

Conflicts of Interest Found in Psychotherapy Research

Research highlights the need for conflict of interest transparency and management in systemic reviews of psychological therapies.

“The Myth of Self-Control”

Brian Resnick talks to psychologists who say that developing willpower might not be the most effective way to get positive results. “If we could...

Evolution or Revolution? Why Western Psychiatry Won’t Change by Incremental Steps

...but how realistic is it to expect that the biological skew of Western psychiatry can be sustainably changed one small step at a time?

“With Coercive Control, the Abuse Is Psychological”

“Coercive control describes an ongoing and multipronged strategy, with tactics that include manipulation, humiliation, isolation, financial abuse, stalking, gaslighting and sometimes physical or sexual...

“What Psychology’s Crisis Means for the Future of Science”

For Vox, Brian Resnik explains how our academic and research institutions are structured to make it more likely that false positives will be published....

“Why Science Needs to Publish Negative Results”

Emma Granqvist is leading the push for open access journals, like New Negatives in Plant Science, which are platforms for negative, unexpected or controversial results in...