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Inequities in Mental Health Services: It’s Time for a Reckoning and...

Clinical education must include more training in macro skills that help build the supports, policies, and community infrastructures under-served clients need.

Why is the Field of Psychotherapy Still Fractured into Different Approaches?

Psychotherapy is dominated by contradicting schools of thought, exhibits a gap between research and practice, and repackages old ideas rather than finding clinical consensus.

Psychiatry in Need of “Fundamental Rethinking”

Prominent researchers in psychiatry urge the field to move away from a rigid biological focus toward social and psychological perspectives to meet the needs of today’s world.

Collective Action Can Lead to Empowerment and Strengthened Relationships

Individuals who participate in efforts of collective action report changes in personality, behavior, and worldview.

Loneliness Increases Risk of Severe ‘Common Mental Disorders’

Loneliness was found to both predict and be reinforced by severe common mental disorders.

Economic Deprivation and Social Fragmentation Drive Suicide Rates in US

Major study finds that economic deprivation and a lack of social capital are driving increasing rates of suicide in the U.S.

The Role of Acculturation in Racial Trauma

In the American Psychologist, researchers argue that the process of acculturation often involves racist ideologies, leading to racial trauma.

More Evidence for the Lasting Psychological Impact of Lead Exposure in...

New research points to numerous harmful effects of high-level lead exposure in childhood on adult mental health and personality characteristics.

What Does Social Justice Really Mean for Psychologists?

Without clarity and consensus around what social justice means, psychologists risk perpetuating injustices that undermine their stated mission.

What Is Critical Psychology? New Site for Scholar-Activists

From Robert Beshara: "I am pleased to announce that on behalf of the Critical Praxis Collective, I have put together a website which will...

Most Psychology Research Does Not Generalize to the Individual

A new study claims that quantitative research in psychology is “worryingly imprecise” and that generalizations may be flawed and misleading.

Self-Restraint Goes Hand in Hand With the Good Life

From Aeon: "Temperance was one of the four virtues identified by Plato’s Republic as essential to an ideal state – a framework that was later adapted by...

Joint Public Statement on U.S. Immigration Policies

Several psychology groups have released the following public statement on U.S. immigration policies and practices: "This statement is an official statement of the specific signatories...

Time for a Paradigm Shift in School Psychology Interventions

Why do ineffective classification and intervention processes linger in school psychology, and what’s the alternative?

Psychology Textbooks Promote Misinformation About Intelligence

In a new study, researchers examined 29 popular introduction to psychology textbooks and found that almost 80% included misinformation about intelligence.

Study Finds Heavy Metal Music Beneficial to Mental Health

A new study highlights the role heavy metal music plays in the mental health of adolescents facing adversity.

Speaking, Not Texting, May Prevent Dehumanization in Disagreements

Researchers found participants were less likely to dehumanize those with whom they disagreed when they heard their voices.

Psychological Misconceptions in Movies and TV Shows

This piece for The Learning Scientists lists five misconceptions about psychology and the mind that are commonly portrayed in television and film.

Humans Had to Evolve to Acknowledge Octopus Consciousness

In this piece for Quartz, Ephrat Livni explores our evolving attitudes toward octopuses, from initial fear and revulsion to contemporary respect and inquiry. Now, scientists are...

Teaching Psychology Students to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

From The Conversation: An undergraduate course in behavioral psychology at Bangor University now includes a fully gamified module that immerses students in a zombie apocalypse...

Inside a Case of Repressed Memory

From The Guardian: At age 17, Nicole Kluemper came to be one of the most controversial cases in modern psychology when she recovered memories of...

Emotional Intelligence Needs a Rewrite

From Nautilus: The traditional notion of emotional intelligence is based on two assumptions: that it is possible to detect others' emotions accurately, and that emotions...

What Know-it-alls Don’t Know, or the Illusion of Competence

In this piece for Aeon, Kate Fehlhaber investigates why some people are overconfident in their knowledgeability and skills, despite holding inaccurate beliefs or being less competent...

From Protoscience to Proper Science

From The Guardian: The field of psychology is fraught with fundamental problems in its research practices, from publication bias to data corruption. The field must...

The Association for Psychological Pseudoscience Presents…

In this blog for Statistical Modeling, Causal Interference, and Social Science, Andrew Gelman critiques the Association of Psychological Science's upcoming convention.