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JAMA Psychiatry Retracts Antidepressant Study

Once an appropriate statistical method was used, the study findings were ‚Äúno longer valid,‚ÄĚ according to the editors of JAMA and JAMA Psychiatry.

Study 329 Taper Phase

Most doctors still affect surprise at the idea SSRIs might come with withdrawal problems. Regulators knew very clearly since 2002 about the problems, but have decided to leave any communication of these issues in company hands.

Study 329 Continuation Phase

All the fuss about Study 329 centers on its 8-week acute phase. But this study had a 24-week Continuation Phase that has never been published. Until Now.

‚ÄúContext Matters When Replicating Experiments, Argues Study‚ÄĚ

Retraction Watch reports on a new study suggesting that research experiments that are ‚Äúcontextually sensitive,‚ÄĚ like many of those in psychology and the social...

Restoring Study 329: Letter to BMJ

When we set out to restore GSK’s misreported Study 329 of paroxetine for adolescent depression under the RIAT initiative, we had no idea of the magnitude of the task we were undertaking. After almost a year, we were relieved to finally complete a draft and submit it to the BMJ, who had earlier indicated an interest in publishing our restoration. But that was the beginning of another year of peer review that we believed went beyond enhancing our paper and became rather an interrogation of our honesty and integrity. Frankly, we were offended that our work was subject to such checks when papers submitted by pharmaceutical companies with fraud convictions are not.

Highly Cited JAMA Psych Paper Retracted for ‚ÄúPervasive Errors‚ÄĚ

A study, comparing the effects of antidepressants combined with psychotherapy for severe depression to antidepressants alone, has been retracted and replaced by JAMA Psychiatry....

‚ÄúBMJ Editor Fiona Godlee Takes on Corruption in Science‚ÄĚ

In this video from CBC News, BMJ editor Fiona Godlee takes on ‚Äúcorruption of the scientific process.‚ÄĚ "There will be commercial pressures, academic pressures,...