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Why I Got Locked Up in the Madhouse (Twice)

I have grown a lot through my experiences, and would not have made the changes I have made, nor be the person I am today, had my madness not returned a second time. It returned because I did not pay enough attention to the wake-up call the first time around.

“Jury Smacks J&J with $70M in Damages in Latest Risperdal Breast...

Fierce Pharma reports: "Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) is fighting more than 1,500 legal claims that its antipsychotic Risperdal triggered breast development in boys, and...

Antipsychotics Increase Mortality Risk in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

A new study in JAMA Neurology finds that the use of antipsychotic drugs more than doubled the risk of death in patients with Parkinson’s...

SCOTUS Declines Risperdal Appeal, J&J to Pay $124 M

On Monday, the US Supreme Court declined to hear Johnson and Johnson‚Äôs final appeal, forcing the company to pay $124 million for the deceptive marketing of the antipsychotic Risperdal. In 2011, South Carolina ordered the company to pay $327 million for pursuing ‚Äúprofits-at-all-costs‚ÄĚ in its efforts to persuade doctors to prescribe their drug, but the fine was lowered to $136 million last year. The company had hoped to argue that the remaining penalties constituted an ‚Äúexcessive fine‚ÄĚ and was supported by PhRMA, the Washington Legal Foundation, the Cato Institute and the Chamber of Commerce.

$8 Million Awarded to Family Of Man Who Died in Risperdal...

A California jury ruled that Johnson & Johnson‚Äôs Janssen Pharmaceutical and a psychiatrist were responsible for the death of 25-year-old Leo Liu. During a clinical trial for Risperdal, Liu died of a heart injury that was ‚Äúfurther complicated‚ÄĚ by the drug and ignored by the study doctors. Janssen was found 70% responsible for Liu‚Äôs death and ordered to pay $5.6 million to the family.

Antipsychotics Withdrawal, Part 3

So, thanks to everyone who has read and commented on my stories of reentry into the mental health system. I have now had eight nights of very good sleep and my mental health symptoms are back to the baseline. Baseline for me means I only get separated from consensus reality when a significant trauma occurs at the same time I'm having a pretty good sleep deficit. Usually I can manage it myself simply by being aggressive about handling ‚ÄĒ and increasing ‚ÄĒ the sleep. So this time I was unable to break that cycle and got some more drugs to help.

HuffPo Features 15 Part DocuSerial on Risperdal Corruption

Huffington Post and journalist Steve Brill have combined to launch a 15 part series about how Johnson & Johnson illegally violated FDA restrictions by pushing the antipsychotic drug, Risperdal, for use with adolescents and the elderly. The series, entitled ‚ÄúAmerica‚Äôs Most Admired Lawbreaker,‚ÄĚ launched yesterday and will include mixed media, videos, podcasts, source documents, as well as 15 written chapters. Click more for a synopsis of part 1.

‚ÄúJanssen Accused of Withholding Data on Risperdal Side Effect in Autism‚ÄĚ

MedPageToday reports that Janssen Pharmaceuticals omitted data from a 2003 study that connected Risperdal with serious side effects. Janssen was previously sued by the FDA for marketing Risperdal for off-label uses and settled for $2.2 billion in 2013. Earlier this year, a man with autism was awarded $2.5 million after growing breasts while on Risperdal. According to MedPage, documents from this latest case reveal missing data tables from a 2003 study ‚Äúdesigned to ferret out potential adverse effects of long-term risperidone use.‚ÄĚ The missing tables were related to elevated prolactin levels and side effects, including gynecomastia in men.

Australia Restricts Risperidone Following Stroke Link

The Australian reports that their Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) received new data from drug company Janssen-Cilag, the developers of risperidone, ‚Äúindicating a more than fivefold higher risk of ‚Äėcerebrovascular adverse events‚Äô ‚ÄĒ stroke or transient ischaemic ¬≠attack ‚ÄĒ in patients with vascular or mixed dementia on risperidone.‚ÄĚ

My Father-in-law on Risperdal ‚ÄĒ A Case Study Gets Personal

Risperdal is increasingly used in nursing homes for ‚Äúagitation,‚ÄĚ especially on those suffering from some form of dementia, even when no hallucinations or delusions are observed. Risperdal has quite a long list of side effects including heart problems, metabolic difficulties, diabetes, involuntary movements, agitation, flat affect and sedation. Risperdal has earned a ‚Äúblack box" warning that its use in those with Alzheimer's increases the risk of earlier death. Yet its use in Alzheimer's patients in nursing homes is extremely common.