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Two Years Tapering an Antidepressant – A Life-Changing Experience That I...

My heart goes out to anyone experiencing withdrawal, but especially those who are so ill they can’t work and are struggling to navigate a heartless and cynical ‘benefits’ system. Their only crime is to have experienced difficulty from a prescribed treatment, yet they are treated as medical pariahs.

The War on Antidepressants: Why We Need to End it for...

In the interest of the patients who are currently experiencing withdrawal reactions and the many more who will suffer withdrawal effects in the future, we need to end this “war.” Academic psychiatry must address these problems and conduct thorough research on withdrawal reactions.

Antidepressant Dependence Discussed at the Seat of Welsh Government – Video

In parts of Wales in the UK, one in six adults takes antidepressants and support for anyone struggling with dependence or withdrawal issues is patchy and inconsistent. To help draw attention to these issues, an awareness day was arranged for the Welsh Government and here we provide video of the presentations made at the Senedd in Cardiff, Wales.

Antidepressant Adviser to UK Gov’t Quits After Conflict of Interest Row

From The BMJ: " Baldwin was the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ representative on , which was set up to review the potential effects of...

Conflicts of Interest Questioned in Review of Prescribed Drug Dependence

An interview with Professor Sami Timimi, Psychiatrist Peter Gordon and campaigner Stevie Lewis, who talk about the potential for conflicts of interest with the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists participation in a Government-led review of Prescribed Drug Dependence.

Conflicts of Interest Questioned in Royal College of Psychiatry’s Participation in...

From: James Moore, antidepressant withdrawal sufferer, on behalf of the 30 other signatories to today’s letter.   London, UK – A fellow of the Royal College...

Thirty Mental Health Experts Write to Secretary of State About ‘Unprofessional’...

0 mental health experts write to Secretary of State about 'unprofessional' conduct of the UK Royal College of Psychiatry

Sami Timimi and John Read: Royal College of Psychiatrists, Latest Update

An interview with Professor Sami Timimi and Professor John Read who provide an update on a complaint made to the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists by a group of thirty academics, psychiatrists and people with lived experience.

UK Royal College Dismisses Complaint

Royal College of Psychiatry Refuses to Retract Misleading Statement about Antidepressant Withdrawal and Dismisses Complaint

Professor John Read: UK Royal College of Psychiatry Dismisses Complaint

An interview with Professor John Read who brings us up to date on the Royal College of Psychiatry's response to a formal complaint lodged on behalf of a group of thirty academics, psychiatrists and people with lived experience.

Whose Interests Does the Royal College of Psychiatrists Really Serve?

When you consult the Royal College of Psychiatrists' website it proclaims that one of its primary aims is to "improve the mental health of individuals, their families and communities" — thus, to act in the public interest. Recent events at the Royal College concerning its public position on the Cipriani et al. antidepressants study put that proclamation in serious doubt.