Professor John Read: UK Royal College of Psychiatry Dismisses Complaint


Today on MIA Radio we have a special episode which is devoted to recent developments in the UK involving a formal complaint lodged with the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

Professor John Read from the University of East London took time out to bring us up to date on the response to the complaint which was lodged on behalf of a group of thirty academics, psychiatrists and people with lived experience.

Read the full reply letter on Mad in America

Hear the Royal Society of Medicine’s podcast interview with Professor Wessely and Dr Clare Gerada

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  1. They don’t give a damn about you because they don’t have to. There is no regulation or oversight. Patients not only just get swatted away, they get another MH label of lacking insight when they complain. When I made my complaint the health trust lied in reply, clearly proven by their own letters three years earlier. I then made a complaint to the council governing the profession of the director who ‘wrote’ and signed the letter only to be told that the doctors responsible had written the letter and the director had only signed it and clearly did not check the facts. The council would not hold the director responsible and in the context that I suffered akathisia ( three drug induced suicide attempts) for three years. Ofcourse me aserting that the drugs prescribed gave me akathisia is part of ‘my illness’ . It’s all a facade of accountability, whilst the public get not only trashed but outright lied to and they get away with destroying peoples lives.

    If you do not have a withdrawal affect or the affect is low it means the drug didn’t affect your body in the first place, in other words it was metabolised very quickly. Sorry but that is rare, rare because many other common food stuffs herbs and spices inhibit the metabolize enzymes including as common as black tea:

    “Plenty of research suggests that drinking tea is healthful, but research also shows that black tea can have powerful inhibitory effects on the P450 drug-metabolizing system. In a laboratory study performed by Canadian researchers, black tea was found to be a more powerful inhibitor of the enzymes than single-ingredient herbal teas such as St. John’s wort, goldenseal, feverfew, or cat’s claw.5 Herbal tea blends were second only to black tea in their inhibitory effects. While the researchers said it is difficult to extrapolate the findings and precisely apply them to humans, they do believe the study accurately identified products for low or high levels of drug interactions.”

    That is just for starters.

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  2. ‘We know that in the vast majority of patients, any unpleasant symptoms experienced on discontinuing antidepressants have resolved within two weeks of stopping treatment’
    The charge is that this is without evidence.
    The defence is:
    “NICE Clinical Guidelines state that when prescribing antidepressants doctors should advise patients that discontinuation symptoms are “usually mild and self-limiting over about 1 week”. ”
    That is not evidence, that is a guideline with no cited evidence.
    Why can the Royal College not produce evidence?

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  3. What the medical experts and the manufacturers and the supporters did was similar to poisoning the water supply. The drugs are mostly now out of patent, but it’s still important to keep up the appearances.

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