Neuroplasticity: My Newest Friend


I have been noticing the neuroplasticity of my brain. For 8 years I wore progressively stronger over-the-counter (non prescription) reading glasses.  Two years ago I began working out at the gym more intentionally and intensively. At the same time I also began eating more nutritionally. About 2 weeks after I started my new routine, I went to read and my glasses were not handy and I noticed I didn’t need them. I was quite taken aback but also delighted. I have not worn glasses since then. Suddenly my eyes were fine – apparently a neuroplastic or optical shift had occurred. I was very pleased and actually found this fairly remarkable.

Suddenly, however, 3 months ago I had great difficultly seeing distances while driving. One day my vision became so bad that I no longer felt safe driving during the day. I could not read street sign – distant objects were very blurry. I was very frightened. That day – which happened to be a Saturday – only hours before a large party I was hosting – I came close to going to urgent care because I didn’t understand what was going on. I was losing my vision. Nothing like this had ever happened to me. Was I having a stroke in my eye as one party guest mentioned as a possibility! On the recommendation of some party guests I called an eye doctor during the party and managed to get an appointment for that Monday – 2 days away. It was discovered that I had a cataract in one eye and within 2 weeks it was corrected surgically with a permanent lens implant.  I followed the prescribed regimen of eye drops and eye exercises and was healing well for 2 months. The eye doctor said it may take 1 year after surgery to train the  eyes to work well together but I could go back to doing everything I did before surgery. I would see her in one year.

Then I departed on a 1000 miles car trip by my self. I was a little concerned about my vision but really not worried since all had been going well and driving locally had not been a problem. My distance vision was good – not perfect – a little blurry but very manageable and slowly improving.

Within minutes after starting my 1000 mile drive home I began seeing 2 different images. One was the straight road and cars in front of me and one equally visible image was the road veering off at a 45 degree angle to the left. I knew the road and cars on the left was an incorrect ‘vision’. I covered my left eye while driving and saw only the road straight ahead. I was frightened once again and told myself there was NO way I could drive 1000 miles seeing these two images. I told my brain and my mind that this was NOT going to happen. I covered my left eye for about 20 -30 seconds and uncovered it and did this repeatedly for maybe 15 minutes untill the illusion stopped. I trained my brain and my mind to cooperate and to see one image- the correct image or reality in front of me. It seems that I quickly trained my brain and mind to cooperate and function well together so I could journey onward.

It made me realize the power of neuroplasticity and the power we hold within us, the power to learn new things, to re-train the brain, the eye, the person to see reality – in this case. It opened my mind up to the possibilities. If my brain listened to me – obeyed my commands – to STOP seeing that other vision or image what else could I do with my new found power of persuasion?

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Lauren Spiro
Lauren’s vision of social justice and mental health liberation focuses on developing our capacity for feeling deeply connected, appreciating the vast creative intelligence of the human heart and mind, and inspiring compassionate action. Her life’s mission is to embody inner peace to co-create global peace, thus she curates transformative learning experiences. She co-founded two non-profit corporations and Emotional CPR ( a public health education program that teaches people how to support others through an emotional crisis. She is a multi-media artist, a 20+ year practitioner of yoga and meditation, the first Director of the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery, has been featured on national media, and consulted on numerous federal projects. Her memoir paints a poetic picture of her journey into madness and her pathway home. She has an M.A. in clinical/community psychology. For more information see


  1. Lauren,

    Thank you, you’re video is very touching. I’m so sorry you were lied to and “tortured” by psychiatry. I agree we need hope and love, not “lacking in validity” disorders and toxic tranquilizers. It’s absolute insanity for psychiatrists to believe they are going to be able to help people by disengaging, denying people’s real problems, and instead labeling with hopeless “diseases” and tranquilizing them. Everyone (except apparently psychiatry) knows that in order to heal one must overcome their denial, address their problems head on, and only then can one start to heal.

    I thank God for neuroplasticity, too, the mind is an amazing tool designed by an amazing God. If only, we could get the god complexed, to overcome their “delusions of grandeur,” and stop harming people for profit.

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  2. It’s so good to see people whose very lives disprove what seems to be the commonly held myth. I too was told that I have a disorder that I had all my life and will always have and if I did not sit back and think I’d be a chronic patient right now. Fortunately for me it took less than 2 yrs…

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