Psychiatrist Discovers Who Was Secretly Paying the Psychiatrists Who Mocked Her


Young psychiatrist Jean Kim argues that psychiatrists need to reflect more on the morality of their work, then gets “laughed out of the room” by fellow psychiatrists. “One psychiatrist, a schizophrenia specialist, said he didn’t see the point. The acting medical director said he felt I’d called him immoral. A top research psychiatrist said, incredibly, ‘Morality and psychiatry should be kept separate,'” writes Kim. Five years later with the help of ProPublica‘s online tool, Kim finds out how much money all of these psychiatrists were secretly taking from the drug industry.

Drug Shills Dispensing Pills (In These Times, November 27, 2014)


    • I’ve never in my life met more immoral people than the psychiatric practitioners I dealt with, so it seems most psychiatrists agree that behaving in the opposite of what is generally accepted as moral, is what “appropriate” psychiatric “care” is.

      And the psychiatrists can’t convince healthy people that they’re “mentally ill,” unless the psychiatrists behave in a completely insane and immoral way, now can they?

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    • That actually proves the point….yet another fundamentally immoral and indefensible stance by a psychiatrist arguing about morality in psychiatry because she as a psychiatrist feels she has been treated immorally other psychiatrists who are incapable of doing otherwise simply because they are psychiatrists…..if that makes any sense at all!

      Irony, perhaps?

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  1. par for the course. Something like that happening could have been good, still might have had time to get back to real doctoring.

    I don’t know, the whole thing is such a mess. I guess I feel sorry for a doctor trying to help people for the right reasons, not really reflecting on what the profession actually is.

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