The Test Result that Gets You Locked Up Indefinitely


BuzzFeed explores how people who’ve been arrested for various kinds of sexual offenses can end up indefinitely incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital — depending on their answers to a ten-question form that supposedly evaluates their risk of re-offending.

“A short checklist called the Static-99 weighs facts about a sex offender’s past in order to predict the likelihood of future crimes,” reports BuzzFeed. “Many legal and scientific experts worry that the way the test is often used — to make high-stakes decisions about an individual’s liberty — is critically flawed.”

These 10 Questions Can Mean Life Behind Bars (BuzzFeed, April 22, 2015)


  1. “Minority report” in real life. Why don’t we lock everyone man up for being a potential rapist or every human being for being a potential criminal. That would be the most effective. If you think that a checklist can tell you what someone will or not do in the future you need “treatment” yourself.

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