“How a Kitten Eased My Partner’s Depression”


In this week’s NY Times Modern Love blog Hannah Louise Poston tells the story of living with her severely depressed boyfriend, Joe, and how her decision to buy a kitten improved their relationship.  “The next morning when we woke up, the first words out of Joe’s mouth were, ‘Where’s the kitten?’ And the kitten’s first act, when she heard his voice, was to ice-pick her way up the quilt and jump on his face. That same summer, Joe mustered the energy to make major changes in his life…”

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  1. There has been a substantial amount of information regarding the benefits that pets provide. Companionship and unconditional love is immeasurable as well as their ability to pick up on low blood sugar, seizures(dogs) and other human conditions. Yet their ability to create substantial change in the lives of people is not only overlooked but degraded. It is just part and parcel I suppose of a society that is disconnected from it’s own origins.

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