Pfizer Drug Chantix Cited in Murder Plea


In exchange for pleading guilty to murder, a young soldier received a 45-year sentence with the possibility of parole.  The plea resulted from evidence that Chantix, a smoking cessation drug manufactured by Pfizer, can increase hostility and agitation, according to the SunHerald.  “Several experts provided some evidence that Chantix affected (the soldier’s) ability to appreciate the nature and quality or wrongfulness of his acts,” the SunHerald noted.

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  1. Call your doctor if you feel its OK to kill people after taking this medication. Nausea, headache, vomiting, drowsiness, gas, constipation, trouble sleeping, unusual dreams, or changes in taste may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

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    • Btw, we can make black humour about it but it’s a serious issue. I mean if really these drugs can cause you to commit violent acts which you otherwise never would have committed then shouldn’t you be let go? How is that fair? Should not a doctor who prescribed it be responsible? We punish people who do illegal stuff under the influence but the assumption is they know what they’re risking by taking the substance and they do it voluntarily. It gets even worse when someone commits murder under the influence of drugs he/she was coerced/forced to take. I personally was drugged against my will with benzos and allegedly was “aggressive” (although I’d take it with a truckload full of salt given what lies they put in my documents elsewhere) – fortunately I didn’t kill anyone but if I did who would be responsible? And why should I be responsible when I was so drugged I couldn’t even remember it? And how can anyone tell if that was really the case or the person wanted to do it anyway and used the drug as a cover? These are serious legal questions that nobody takes seriously. I’d say maybe we stop prescribing people drugs which can end you up with murder conviction but if we do we should acknowledge these problems. Right now we’re just blaming people for the actions they may be unable to control because pharmaceutical propaganda tells are their drugs are safe and effective.

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