“Chantix: For People Who are Dying to Quit Smoking”


A four-part series from Canada Free Press on Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug Chantix and its connection to violence and suicide. “The 26 case reports included three actual suicides. In every case, the acts or thoughts of violence towards others appeared to be both unprovoked and inexplicable. Most of the perpetrators had no previous history of violence, and most of them were middle-aged women—not a group known for its propensity towards violent behavior.”

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  1. The “safe smoking cessation med,” Wellbutrin, also has mind altering effects, is ineffective for smoking cessation, results in antidepressant discontinuation symptoms when one is inappropriately abruptly withdrawn from it, and the medical community has odd delusions that the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome are the “life long, incurable, genetic mental illnesses” of “depression caused by self,” “paranoid schizophrenia,” and “bipolar.”

    And adding the “bipolar” drugs, the antipsychotics, to the antidepressants is known to iatrogenically create psychosis, via the known drug toxidrome called anticholinergic toxidrome. But the psychiatrists and mainstream medical doctors are seemingly too stupid to know this, apparently, since the psychiatric industries’ current bipolar drug cocktail recommendations are an exact recipe for how to create psychosis via the central symptoms of neuroleptic or poly-pharmacy induced anticholinergic intoxication syndrome. I’m quite certain this is why the million plus children who were also DSM-IV-TR misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” due to the common adverse effects of the antidepressants and ADHD drugs, are doing really poorly on these anticholinergic toxidrome inducing “bipolar” drug cocktails.

    One does get to the point they are amazed and disgusted at the stupidity and / or appalling lack of ethics of the mainstream medical and psychiatric industries. Especially once one learns that the psychiatrists actual primary functions within humanity today are to defame, discredit, torture, and kill people to cover up sexual abuse of small children for the religions and to cover up easily recognized iatrogenesis for the incompetent, stupid, unethical, and paranoid of a non-existant malpractice suit obsessed doctors.

    An ethical pastor of mine confessed to me that this was “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” Shame on all members of the medical and religious communities who utilize this “dirty little secret” to profit off of covering up their or others’ child abuse crimes and / or their medical incompetence. I had no idea there were so many unethical, unrepentant, child abuse covering up, iatrogenic illness profiteering hypocrites within the medical and religious communities. Not to mention all the lawyers and judges who make such crimes possible.

    Now I understand who the hypocrites are, what their crimes are, and why Dante claimed the hypocrites would be the ones who deserved to go the the lowest depths of hell. And why Jesus supposedly claimed all today’s doctors would be going to hell during my drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis” / spiritual awakening. How embarrassing I used to believe all could or should be saved, I’m quite certain now that I was incorrect.

    Giving the psychiatrists free reign to defame with their made up diseases, and force tranquilize and torture, under the guise of “medical care,” all human beings for any reason whatsoever has historically always been the behavior of unethical, illegitimate, and really stupid governments. It is a shame we are now living in the time Thomas Jefferson forewarned us about, the time when the evil central banks, and corporations that will grow up around them, will destroy our nation. Perhaps, it’d be wiser if we went back to a government run by and for the people, rather than maintaining our current delusional government, that claims corporations are people and is a government run by and for the corporations? When will humanity learn?

    “I’m living in a world of fools.”

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