“’Blind Spot’ for Civilian PTSD”


Speaking to Medscape about PTSD, Jeffrey Lieberman likens our current treatments with SSRIs, tricyclics and therapy to “treating tuberculous by putting people in sanitariums or polio with iron lungs, or Alzheimer’s disease with these cholinomimetic drugs.” “They are symptom-improving, but they’re not disease-modifying,” he adds. “They’re just not sufficient…”

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  1. Is Jeffrey Lieberman joining the exodus from biopsych??? Is he linking hands with Ron Pies and Daniel Carlat and Allan Frances and the others? “It wasn’t me, I never did it, well not really, just a little bit, it was those big bad drug companies that just happened to throw money at me and I had to just catch some of it, didn’t I, but I didn’t really mean it?” Certainly we’re seeing a lot more articles in places like the Psychiatric Times that are SEEMINGLY starting to distance themselves from the total bio scene. Lots more “psychosocial” epistles and they’re even letting a few “dissident” voices through! There a lot of fear out there I think. The smart guys are finally seeing the discontent and the smart `rats’ are leaving. Like Bonnie Burstow, I used to think it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime, but now…? We just have to be VERY careful of the rise of the new dictator. No tyrant wants to lose power, but smart ones who spot the inevitable, go underground then emerge in the chaos after the revolution wearing a new coat and offer their services. Then after a period someone says , `hang on, wasn’t that the same…” But then it’s too late. Look at France and Russia, there were many who wanted the old ones back because the new ones were worse. Always remember, a dictatorship, whatever it says, has to operate the same way as every other dictatorship to survive.

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