“Forced Psychiatry in Ohio – Instrument of Political Oppression?”


Government whistleblower and journalist Linda Leisure was diagnosed with a mood disorder and forcibly treated after an altercation with local police, according to Katherine Hine for the Columbus Free Press. “They said I was depressed and delusional and put me on drugs. But I was neither,” Leisure said.

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  1. This is an outrageous story. This is an of where multiple lawsuits should result against the owners of the psychiatric hospital, the individual treating psychiatrists, and the state. The public would be safer if the psychiatrists in this story were locked up rather than the woman in question.

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  2. I agree, excellent article. Very similar thing happened to me, I was drugged based upon lies from a pastor who wanted to cover up his and a friend’s abuse of my children. Unfortunately, my ex-religion opted to turn it’s entire denomination into a child abuse covering up organization, that now places it’s trust in psychiatry and the DSM “bible,” rather than in God and the Holy Bible. Here’s a book written by a former, rightfully disgusted, pastor of the ELCA. I’m merely one of the many “widows” who dealt with “the religious authorities who devour the widow’s purse while hell bent on making sure the church suffers such agonizing theological carnage that it is no longer recognizable.”


    A religion, which is knowingly allowing it’s hospitals to profit off of all this unjust and unneeded forced psychiatric treatment, at the hands of doctors, like the now arrested V. R. Kuchipudi.


    Just an FYI, some of today’s criminal doctors forge people’s signatures on the voluntary admission forms, thus completely taking away one’s right to their day in court. I was “lucky” to survive the “snowing,” and that my private insurance refused to pay to lock me up forever, as was the wish of the “snowing” psychiatrist, Humaira Saiyed, who was never arrested.

    Forced psychiatric treatment needs to be abolished, it is being used for criminal purposes. And it is “torture.”

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