“Electric Shock Therapy Led to Sunderland Patient Having Permanent Fit”


Update: Elsie Tindle has sadly passed away after a forced electroshock treatment triggered an epileptic fit and permanent brain damage. The psychiatrist, Eugene van Rheede, said that exactly how ECT works is not fully understood. “It’s used widely, but not as regularly as in the past,” he said. “There are things we know about it, but there are things we can’t explain.”

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  1. “Sadly”? How about “tragically” or “criminally”?
    Things they “don’t know”? They KNOW it causes brain damage and potential death. What more is there to know?

    So, better to be “electrocuted and brain damaged to death” than to be “pulling out tubes, not eating and a ‘danger’ to oneself”? Insane.
    And the comment “and this was the RIGHT time”? Meaning, what, there is always a right time to kill a patient?

    Elderly vulnerable female with no one t protect her, just the type of victim ECT practitioners love to latch on to. How much did the doctor, hospital, and anaesthetist earn killing her? Too bad they didn’t get the full luxury 10 shock top of the line 70% effective payout before she expired.
    WHY can’t this Frankenstein procedure be banned?

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  2. Gee, let me guess…….I bet that they couldn’t figure out why she was depressed!!!!! Rather than sending her home to the things she was familiar with all her life they held her and shocked her literally to death. When is this going to stop? When are we as a movement, if there really is a movement at all which I’m beginning to doubt at this point, going to protest these kinds of things?

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    • Well, look at all the response to John Read’s “protest” about the 50+ electroshock a given to the patient in Australia- big success with that? Guess he is lucky he has survived that many! Strong heart? Younger? But who knows, maybe the next 50 will be less well “tolerated”…
      Yep, love that ECT is “safe and efficacious”- need to bring this poor woman’s case up for NIHM’s happy facebook time with Sarah Lisanby and ECT…

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  3. More realistic would be to say she was locked up when she had committed no offence, then tortured and murdered by means of electrical shocks to her brain, by a psychiatrist who had defied the clearly specified legal requirements regarding her “treatment”.

    It’s torture and it’s murder and it is illegal.

    ….but it is done by a PSYCHIATRIST.

    So no charges will be laid.

    Truly shocking.

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    • This has court case/litigation written all over it, but it is lucky the “surviving” sibling, housebound,will prove no threat. Guess she better hope “depression” over her sister’s death doesn’t result in the same kind of fabulous “care”.
      There should be a lawyer willing to take this to court on principle, as a human rights violation, as murder…I would donate to see the lunatic psychiatrist tried, stripped of a license and sent to prison where all heartless murderers belong. And if he gets depressed, he should be given ECT…

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