“Capitalism and Mental Health: How the Market Makes Us Sick”


In this viral video from “Libertarian Socialist Rants,” the idea is put forward that the financial stress and social isolation inherent to life in modern capitalism leads to mental health consequences. “Far from being a far-fetched pipe dream that human beings could never live under, pockets of anarchistic self-activity are what keep us sane in a profoundly insane world.”

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  1. Maybe I should wait till I watch this before commenting, but just to see how accurate I may be in advance…

    Sounds like this is going to be more of the current pseudo-aware libertarian leftist crap that talks about “capitalism causing mental illness” but totally doesn’t fathom the mythical and oppressive nature of concepts such as “mental illness.” Included in this category are people who think the recognition that “adjusting to an insane society is itself insane” is a brilliant and unique piece of insight on their part. Or that the “real psychopaths” are various political figures they detest.

    To be continued.

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    • OMG I swear I didn’t watch this before my above post, even though the narrator literally took the words out of my mouth on the “insane world” thing!

      Anyway, it is an amusing and accurate primer on the nature of alienation under capitalism; though I think the rest of my anticipatory comments turned out to be reasonably accurate.

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  2. It is interesting that the English are now pointing out the insane and unethical greed that resulted in the American Revolution. And, as in that time, today’s governments, including the US, have lost control over “the central banks and corporations that will grow up around them,” that our founding father Thomas Jefferson forewarned us about. And, how sad to learn these same unethical, fiscally irresponsible, and too greedy English families, include the Bush family and Obama.

    Perhaps we should go back to trusting in the former ethical and intelligent American banking families, and follow the wisdom of the American economists who believe in a competitive democratic republics instead? Since they knew how to create a system of governance that made the US great, and those idiot families who’ve been destroying this country for the past several decades, don’t seem to have a clue how to properly manage a society.

    My father had to retire early from the banking industry in 1994, because he was so disgusted by what was going on, and my favorite Econ professor’s books are still brilliant, IMO, today. There are rational solutions, they’re just not what the greed mongers, and power hungry “capitalists” who’ve taken control, desire.

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