“The Hefty Price of ‘Study Drugs’ Misuse on College Campuses”


For the Conversation, Binghamton University researcher Lina Begdache tackles the issue of the growing use of ‘Study Drugs’ in the student population. “Animal studies show that the changes that lead to rewiring of the brain are due to an alteration in gene function,” she writes. “Some of these changes become permanent and heritable, especially with prolonged abuse, meaning that the altered (newly programmed) genes are passed down to offspring.”

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  1. Study drugs. ADHD drugs. Funny, “back in the day” we used to just call it speed, and doctors didn’t prescribe it unless you could convince them that you needed it to lose weight; in fact you could be arrested for having it.

    Actually it works better when you study straight then use it while you’re taking the test. Not that I recommend either.

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  2. This is a good article except that it keeps repeating the phrase the “nonmedical” use of stimulant drugs. The use of this term implies that there is somehow a scientifically justified and credible “medical” use of these drugs. Or that somehow if you take these drugs for a “real” medical purpose you will avoid all the potential damaged discussed in the article. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is NO credible scientific basis for the diagnosis of ADHD and no safe or credible basis to prescribe these drugs to children or adults.

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