“Patients Unwilling to Consent to ECT”


More than one-in-10 forms authorising ECT received by the Mental Health Commission (MHC) between 2013 and 2015 reported that the patient was unwilling to consent to treatment, the Irish Medical Times reports. The most common reason given for recommending a patient to ECT was “refractory to medication.”

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    • I watched psychiatry destroy my grandmother with shock treatments. They held her in the state “hospital”l and when she refused to be compliant they shocked her over 40 times. And as she shuffled out the door of that same “hospital”, a mere shell of her former self who couldn’t remember her own children and grandchildren when she saw them, they patted her on the back and congratulated her on how much better she was doing than when she first came in. This was my beginning of my bad feelings for psychiatry and everything attached to it.

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  1. I was always in horror of non-consensual coerced shock treatments, I would certainly not want to undergo them myself, and here you have an article that says 1 in 10 shock treatments in Ireland are non-consensual. Bad, very bad.

    It is not only torture, it is violence and physiological damage. This is the kind of thing that nobody needs, and that we need to protect people from, for the sake of their health and well being. If people are not outraged over this circumstance, they should be.

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