Health Professionals Must Fight a Trump Administration Expansion of Torture


Psychologist Stephen Soldz writes for STAT: “It was profoundly distressing to hear Donald Trump on the campaign trail vowing a return to abusing prisoners with “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” Those thoughts threaten to reverse the work that I and others have done over the last decade to end torture as an official US government policy and to prevent health professionals’ participation in detainee abuse.”

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  1. What? And deny our Donnie the experience of being deceived by those the Chinese call Death Agents? For those who haven’t read the ancient Military Classics, death agents are expendable individuals primed with false information and set up for capture by the enemy, to prime him with the bogus “data” and be executed when the information proves false, usually after the agent-induced disaster has taken place.

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  2. Health professionals have done a dismal job of fighting against an expansion of torture, especially psychiatric and psychological torture, for decades under the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama regimes, at a minimum. The evidence? the disability rates due to psychiatric torture are at all time highs, especially amongst children.

    So absolutely, the health professionals do need to fight a Trump administration, if his administration wants to continue, or especially expand, the psychiatric and psychological defamation and torture of innocent Americans for profit, based upon the scientifically invalid DSM classification system.

    An FYI, I couldn’t get link to article to work.

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  3. You’d better understand that Mr. Trump has already lost the War on Terror during his first week in office. Now that his failure has cost him any chance of having reliable Islamic allies, he has nothing except torture and spraying the region with blind aerial bombardments. Since he can’t admit to any of his mistakes, I’m sure we’ll see the African and Middle Eastern deserts turned into tektites by nuclear bombs detonated in his furious blind bombardments.

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