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  1. Excellent raw information if you can find it beneath the astonishingly bad writing and nonexistent editing (forget entirely about proofreading). It reads as though it was Google-translated back and forth a few times. But I’m forced to be grateful that the info is out there. Sad trade-off of the tech age.
    Liz Sydney

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  2. Finally, someone with a little clout is coming out and telling the truth. I was a teacher for a number of years. I was a product of the American public school system. I went to college and got my degree. In all of that experience dealing with education I never once ran into anyone that I would have given this spurious label to. I don’t believe in labeling anyone anyway but this ADHD thing is just pure bunk, plain and simple.

    I got out of teaching in the late 80’s right when this example of bull feces was jus raising it’s ugly head and making an appearance. Now, everyone and her or his cousin has “ADHD” and must be given a stimulant to “treat” it. You break the law when you go out on the street corner and buy speed from a drug dealer but it’s perfectly fine to go to a psychiatrist and get the same thing to drug your kids with.

    It’s time for more people to stand up and tell the truth about this lie that is perpetrated by the drug companies and psychiatry. We are destroying our kids by doing anything else.

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    • they’ve been giving them to me since I was a kid. They make me docile, apathetic and zombie-like. I’ve reduced that and the benzo and got odd antipsychotic… the Dexedrine: the sit down an shut up pill… my mom used to tell me I needed it for “my f****** mouth”

      “My mom was an Adderall Mom before it as COOL to be an Adderall mom.

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  3. One only need ask oneself who benefits from the diagnosis of ADHD. Well nearly everyone except the Taxpayer. Jerome Kagan is correct. The pharmaceuticals benefit, The Psychiatrists benefit, It is a ready made excuse for failings in teaching, the school benefits because they get extra funding, the pupil benefits because again it is a ready made excuse for failure, the parents benefit because the child gets extra paid attention, the pupil gains further by been given aids such as Laptops free, extra time to take exams. The only loser loses big – the Taxpayer. Jerome Kagan is absolutely correct. THE BIG CLUE: FOLLOW THE MONEY.

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