Researchers Push to ID Anxiety and Depression at Birth


“Factors such as genetics, environment, and experiences all have an influence on a person’s likelihood of exhibiting signs of mental illness, but the study, conducted by the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, claims that patterns in a newborn’s brain connectivity could predict whether they may experience symptoms years before they happen.”


  1. Grief is part of life – but healthy solutions that don’t cost much are available.

    I was diagnosed in 1980, by Neuro Scientists from a World Reknown Research University in Ireland – as suffering from very Severe types of Anxiety and Depression (with a hopeless expected outcome).

    But, I got completely well through not taking medication in 1984, and moving to Psychotherapy, Meditation, Buddhist Philosophy, Group Support, CBT etc.

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  2. This is so frustrating to read not only because of the study but where the study was placed for the general public to read.
    Science always has a place but the complete lack of focus on the infant’s physical,environmental,medical and family variables – in my eyes-negates the results.
    I wish media would have a for every new study or research paper there also would be published another on the same subject matter but with opposite results.

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  3. Even studies of this sort should be outlawed as they clearly have a totalitarian agenda just in their phrasing and what they consider to be “givens.”

    God am I glad I’m not a parent at this time in history. And to top it off if you shield your children from all this they charge YOU with abuse???

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  4. Which pharma manufacturer was desperate enough about ‘future market pipelines’ to have funded this study? [Answer: All of them…] Not to mention the lack of safety guidelines on doing MRIs (requiring anesthetic?) on infant brains. That this garbage is the product of expensive science educations is beyond ludicrous. Who and how and where did these researchers manipulate parents or caregivers into participating in a bizarre study like this? Did they pay very poor new parents very well? Who in their right mind would put their baby into a half-baked scheme like this? The whole thing is so weird I can’t begin to get my head around it.
    Liz Sydney

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