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    • All the DSM “disorders” are stigmatizations, I agree FeelinDiscouraged. We could get rid of the stigma if we got rid of that scientifically invalid “bible,” and rid the world of those who believe in the anti-American theology taught by the DSM’s proponents. “All people are created as equal” is a much better theology.

    • I’m thinking of starting an anonymous satirical blog. It would be set up like a professional blog written by a fictitious shrink. Dr. A.J. Quackenbush. He would defend psychiatry’s biggest blunders and villainies in a way that defied human logic, ethics and science. (Not sure enough folks would figure out it was a farce though!)

      We can fight “stigma” by pinning the stigma where it rightfully belongs. On the Mental Illness Makers themselves. By attacking their credibility and characters we can encourage the mainstream folks to question the validity of the DSM serial and whether those who have been stigmatized by the quacks are the moral monsters they accuse us of being.

  1. I have to laugh. “Stigma” reduction, not “stigma” elimination!? “Stigma” is built into the selling of mental health treatment. We make the receiving of mental health treatment more “cool”, if that’s what it is, and trendy by talking about reducing the “stigma” attached to receiving it. People aren’t going to “consume” or “use” your product if it’s billed as increasing “stigma”, one negative among many, and if you eliminated “stigma”, you’d have no product. It’s your bill of goods, not mine.