When Evidence Says no, but Doctors say yes


From ProPublica: Many physicians continue to administer treatments that have long been proven ineffective and even harmful to patients.

“For all the truly wondrous developments of modern medicine — imaging technologies that enable precision surgery, routine organ transplants, care that transforms premature infants into perfectly healthy kids, and remarkable chemotherapy treatments, to name a few — it is distressingly ordinary for patients to get treatments that research has shown are ineffective or even dangerous. Sometimes doctors simply haven’t kept up with the science. Other times doctors know the state of play perfectly well but continue to deliver these treatments because it’s profitable — or even because they’re popular and patients demand them.”

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  1. Doctors often administer treatments that are ineffective and dangerous? They are motivated to act as they do because of stupidity, denial, and a profit motive? Good explanation for why people are still being brain damaged by ECT…

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  2. On Irish RTE Website today:- More Experience Hallucinations than Previously Thought:-


    “…..The research found that contrary to general belief, hallucinations occur less among those suffering from schizophrenia than among those who do not.

    In fact, the study found hallucinations more commonly occur across a range of mental illnesses and even among people who do not suffer from mental illness at all….”

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