The Upside of Neuroticism


From Pacific Standard: A new study from the U.K. suggests that there may be an upside to neuroticism – some neurotic people live longer lives. The study found that for those who have pre-existing health issues, or who at least think of themselves as unhealthy, neurotic tendencies may have a protective effect against premature death.

“If you assume that worried people make more visits to the doctor, this finding adds weight to the aforementioned heightened-vigilance thesis. ‘The propensity to seek medical help in response to worries about health could plausibly result in earlier identification of cancer, and greater likelihood of survival,’ the researchers note.”

So if you’re fretting about that darkened patch of skin on your arm, it might drive you crazy—but it could also propel you to the dermatologist, who can remove it if your worst fears turn out to be true.”

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    • Only the 3rd leading cause? I’m surprised… Do you have a link to the statistics on this one?
      And since when was “some neurotic people live longer lives” considered a scientific statement? Maybe some do, and more don’t!
      Unbelievable – people get research grants to put out this tripe.

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