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  1. Uhhh. I think part of the problem is that people are being prescribed neuroleptics for life, and this may be another way to get around that fact through drug research and development (i.e. another way to increase Big Pharma profits). We lick the obesity issue by developing another, or an improved, drug. Problem, this problem stems from the problem of chronicity, chronicity that may itself be a product of drugging. People who are “well”, don’t take neuroleptics. Maybe the researchers should be looking into what in psychiatric drugs causes the chronicity of any psychiatric condition.

    • The chronicity issue is likely due to the fact that the neuroleptics can create what appears to the DSM believers to be both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.” But are actually neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome and neuroleptic induced anticholinergic toxidrome.