Dr. Gordon Warme: The Relationship Between Culture and Psychiatric ‘Disorders’


This week on MIA Radio we interview Dr. Gordon Warme. Dr. Warme is a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry. He trained with Karl Menninger at the Menninger Clinic in the US and at Heidelberg University in Germany, and has been a faculty member at the Menninger Clinic, the University of Kansas, and has been an academic at the University of Toronto for 40 years.

His most recent book, published in 2016 is Brain Evangelists: How Psychiatry Has Convinced Us to Believe in Its Far-Fetched Science and Dubious Treatments in which he blows the whistle on modern psychiatry, arguing that, in the long history of medicine, biological and chemical “abnormalities” in psychiatric patients have never been identified, and labels such as schizophrenia and depression are misleading metaphors that dehumanize patients.

In the episode we discuss:

  • How Dr. Warme came to specialise in psychiatry.
  • His experience of being trained by doctors who had a strong psychoanalytic approach.
  • That Sigmund Freud wanted psychiatry to be scientific, but Dr. Warme feels that this led Freud astray.
  • The relationship between culture and psychiatric ‘disorders’.
  • Watching, describing and talking as important therapeutic skills to develop.
  • Dr. Warme’s view of how drugs are used in psychiatry and that he hasn’t prescribed for many years.
  • The Rosenhan Experiment.
  • Where psychiatry is heading as a profession.

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  1. james moore—-I am really impressed with what you are doing…
    I have had a mental illness off and on for 65 years…and I have seen psychiatry change from psychology to biology and back again….
    we think we know a lot but do we really know how to handle SUICIDE..

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    • Littleturtle, a lot of people will argue that what you had is not a mental illness–at least not a brain disease. Breakdowns or losing touch with reality or persistent sadness are all real and painful, but there is no biomarker for them. Sorry for what you have suffered. I just don’t think you or anyone else is a genetically flawed subhuman.

      Privately rejecting my “bipolar 2” label helped me immensely. Unfortunately I fear I’ll have to reject my family since they insist on keeping me in the box as the black sheep or “nut job” of the family. And they NEVER read anything that questions psychiatry. Or much of anything period.

      I may have to relocate.

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  2. The psychiatric industry needs to learn that Wellbutrin can create “hyper sexual” side effects. You are right, idiot and ignorant male doctors do misdiagnose these symptoms as “histrionic” and “bipolar” in females, even though the DSM-IV-TR clearly states the adverse effects of the antidepressants should NOT be misdiagnosed as “bipolar.” How sad today’s psychiatrists are not even intelligent enough to read their scientifically invalid DSM “bible.”

    It truly boggles the mind how little the psychiatrists know about the poisons they hand out. The “bipolar” drug cocktails, the antidepressants and/or antipsychotics (neuroleptics), create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and they create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    As to the relationship between culture and psychiatric disorders, we definitely are in the midst of a culture war.


    According to the medical literature, the primary actual function of today’s psychiatric industry is turning child abuse victims into the “mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs. Today, “the prevalence of childhood trauma exposure within borderline personality disorder patients has been evidenced to be as high as 92% (Yen et al., 2002). Within individuals diagnosed with psychotic or affective disorders, it reaches 82% (Larsson et al., 2012).”

    Rumor on the internet is Western civilization is currently ruled by satanic pedophiles, which is why the scientifically invalid, pedophile protecting, psychiatrists have been given too much power, it would seem clear.

    I’m certain our world would be a better place if it were not ruled by “luciferian banksters,” we got the psychiatric industry out of the business of profiteering off of covering up child abuse en mass, and we started arresting the satanic pedophiles instead. Talk about satanic paternalism run amok.

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  3. Many of the mass shooters were reported to either have been on psychotropic drugs or recently off and still altered by them. After one of these incidents, a friend said how he was going to purposely make eye contact and speak a word to everyone around him because he might interrupt the thoughts of someone ready to do this – simply human interaction, communication and caring.

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    • Withdrawal akathisia is a state – and crime, only drugs do it – which is way beyond talking. Think of people in very extreme situations such as in the trade towers on 9/11, faced with a choice of being burnt alive, they jumped out the window. Well that extreme state can exist inside your head. It is not ostensible, but none the less deadly. People need to start to identify it with being a drug crime, not just a ‘side effect’.

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  4. Dr. Warme was very kind to share his time for the worthy cause of reforming or eliminating the medical specialization he trained in. So few of his colleagues were immune to indoctrination in medical school or willing to eschew the benefits of adhering to the way things are that we must appreciate to the point of cherishing those who are sufficiently intelligent, magnanimous and self-assured to recognize and publicise the reality-based, scientifically-proven position.

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