• “We have no lessons to receive from drug dealers.” Good point. Why would drug dealers, especially drug dealers who know nothing about the adverse effects of their drugs, like that the antipsychotics can create psychosis, think they are wise enough to teach their clients anything?

      Social Recovery Therapy for First Episode Psychosis might work, if they tried it without also forcing drugs that cause psychosis onto people. The antipsychotics create psychosis, via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning.


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  1. Why would we ever want anything like this? Social Recovery, all that means is Social Conformity.

    Depression and psychosis, sometimes the unresolved issues in someones life just get the better of them. The last thing they need tough are the denial systems of therapy or recovery. They need to work for justice, and to do that they have to become politically conscious.

    We need to organize and oppose this Social Recovery.

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