Sabrina Louise: Sane Vegan Transition


Does a diet without animal products improve mental health? Why can changing to plant based nutrition be so hard to sustain? And are people’s food ethics a symptom of anĀ eating disorder and neglected self-care? Sabrina Louise, a vegan chef, consultant at Portland Community College, and ecstatic dance DJ, discusses how to transition away from eating animal products while avoiding common mistakes that can undermine health.



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  1. I’m torn. The meat industry is cruel. It’s true, true, true that gluten (especially wheat) and processed food contribute to inflammation and mood dysfunction. But Kelly Brogan insists that her patients eat red meat for aminos, cell repair & recovery. The times I was most unwell was on a vegan / veggie diet.

    I find it difficult to fight metabolic disorder (caused by psych drugs) with a vegan / pure veggie diet, as it is high carb, low protein. No, sir, legumes are not protein, they are carbs, and inflammatory ones at that (many of them high histamine). Complex carbohydrates are still carbs, even if they are (slightly) slower. And eating carbs begets cravings for more carbs.

    Any diet which requires supplementation (B12, D, Omega3’s & digestive enzymes) is not a whole human diet. Non-dairy milks (such as almond) are little better than sugar water, unless you make your own. Almond milk in particular contains less than 5 almonds per package.

    “Acts like an egg” but is not an egg – again – not nutritious, only a “binding agent.”

    And Umami may have satisfaction, but it is not protein or fats (my doctor leans towards ketogenic), nor does it help with amino profile. There are essential aminos, essential fats – there are no essential carbs. There is nattokinase which is umami, but not very much to western tastes (and it’s still probably a carb, albeit a very dense one).

    This woman is probably healthy because the first half of her life she ate lots of seafood. Her recipes convert to sugar – and contain sugars. Carbs. Carbs are my problem with vegan / vegetarian diet, always have been. High carbs = sugar spikes (see Chris Kesser for more on sugar spikes). Sugar spikes = mood problems.

    As always Will, thanks for all that you do.

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