Cops Who Left Two Mental-Health Patients to Drown Charged With Manslaughter


From The Daily Beast: “Four months after two female mental-health patients drowned while being transported in a South Carolina sheriff’s van fleeing Hurricane Florence flood waters, the two deputies responsible for their safety are being charged with manslaughter, 12th Circuit Solicitor Ed Clements announced in court on Friday.


  1. I hope they count this in the Shorter life span for the mentally ill. Do they say if the two KILLED were locked up in handcuffs or posey belt? Did they have a chance to escape like their guards?

    While saving the patient they killed him/her. is common in psychiatry.

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    • Handcuffs and fetters are standard in these transportations. Even if the hospitalization is requested by the “mentally ill.” I should know. 😛

      Hard to swim with those on assuming the back doors didn’t automatically lock from the inside.

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  2. Why were they being transferred during a state of emergency in the first place? Who prioritized the private transport of two prisoners while the rest of us were told to stay the hell off the roads? While the driver showed extremely poor judgement by driving around a barricade into a flooded river, these officers got their orders from somewhere and it would be good to see some responsibility shared by the person or people who decided this was a good idea in the aftermath of a hurricane.

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  3. “Why would they chain her and another lady to the back of a truck?” Ms. Newton’s daughter, Allison, asked afterward.

    Because psychiatry isn’t help its always been a part of the prison system. They chain you to back of truck like your serial killer jeffrey dammer then advertise it to the public as help.

    “Both women sought out treatment, hoping to feel better, their families said.” Ya sure they did.

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