In Recovery From Antidepressants: How Patients Are Helping Each Other Withdraw


From Yahoo Lifestyle: “While there are no official numbers on how many people, like Wojciechowski, are attempting to wean themselves off their drugs, a recent study of 1,829 users of antidepressants found that about 75 percent had tried, just over 30 percent of them quitting successfully; the others found the withdrawal symptoms too hard to bear.

This much is clear: Thousands, if not millions, of people who are on antidepressants want to get off them — for reasons that range from unwanted side effects (including sexual dysfunction, emotional numbing and weight gain) to a nagging desire to know who they are without them.

Still others, told they had a serotonin deficiency, feel they were needlessly diagnosed and prescribed from the get-go, and now want to put that belief to the test.

Whatever the motivation, they are finding that withdrawing is no easy feat — especially considering this startling fact: There is absolutely no psychiatric protocol to guide them.

‘To my knowledge, there is no “official,” professionally endorsed, week-by-week protocol for safely tapering patients off antidepressants,’ Pies tells Yahoo Lifestyle. ‘This is a serious gap in our knowledge base and practice guidelines.’

And it’s why many, like Wojciechowski, are taking matters into their own hands, through a collective effort that represents a burgeoning international movement.”

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  1. The comments on the Yahoo article are very illuminating. Many people insist they are chemically imbalanced and interpret a criticism of psychiatry lacking the data to safely remove patients from psych drugs as medication shaming. This shows a need for a public education campaign to correct the record about the so-called (and thoroughly debunked) “chemical imbalance” theory. It’s harmful to the consumer to believe such lies. It’s especially harmful to children whose parents are pressured to medicate them but they don’t know that the chemical imbalance theory is a myth.

    Our entire arsenal of psychiatric drugs is based on the notion of fixing a chemical imbalance and this is harming the health of millions of people including an enormous number of children.

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    • “a need for a public education campaign to correct the record”
      Who is going to pay for that? And the people who are happy to eat their God , need to, or want to believe in a magical pill (their God).

      Regarding the children. Yes the children believe they are defective and need medicine for not being a perfect robot , instead of the past times when humans were imperfect sinners, who inevitably sinned or made mistakes.
      If the children take on the responsibility for their actions , then they might feel guilty for their “bad” behavior( then need MORE drugs for feeling bad). It is better and easier to blame your problems on unbalanced brain chemicals. Those who do believe in magical chemicals have NO reason to change their belief system.

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      • PART B) Then you have all the people who need/want to help the poor unfortunate with medicine. They can NOT be issuing drugs, they must be giving out medicine. They are HERO’s! for helping the unfortunate with medicine, not hurting people with drugs.
        “They do not know how to stand in the presence of grief because they can’t help but make it immediately a judgment of themselves– how can you see a woman crying and not do anything? Purposeless hyperactivity to cover up one’s impotence and lack of empathy.”
        Converted to
        “They (psychiatrists) do not know how to stand in the presence of crazy because they can’t help but make it immediately a judgment of themselves– how can you (as a doctor) see a crazy person and not do anything?”

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        • from my old blog
          “We are helping people!” they exclaim.

          If a person rejects forced psychiatric help then its “Catch 22”.

          If you want help , then you are not sick,

          If you don’t want help , then it means you are sick.

          “We are helping people!”

          Maybe , maybe not. How many are being harmed by psychiatry? Many obedient patients develop Diabetes and other disease from psychiatric drug treatment.

          Being in a prison without a crime, makes madness. Take for example a tortured animal. It behaves badly from the abuse it has received. Do you help it by confining it, and beating it more?

          Call it medicine. Right. You try the medicine out for its medicinal properties.

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