Half of Millennials, 75% of Gen Zers Have Left a Job for Mental Health Reasons


From CNBC: “The Mind Share Partners, SAP, and Qualtrics study also shows that the younger generations suffer more from mental illnesses. Younger people dealt with a mental illness at about three times the rate of the general population. The findings are corroborated by another recent study, which shows that while the amount of serious psychological distress increased across most age groups, the largest increase between 2008 and 2017 was among adults ages 18–25, at 71%. For adults ages 20–21, the figure was 78%.

A 2017 report from the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State University, meanwhile, found the number of students at various colleges and universities seeking mental health help increased five-fold from 2011 to 2016 . . .

Whatever the cause, the statistic highlights several issues plaguing millennials, like a rise in depression and ‘deaths of despair’ (death from drugs, alcohol and suicide), unaffordable living costs and burnout.

Eighty-six percent of respondents in the Mind Share Partners, SAP, and Qualtrics study said a company’s culture should support mental health. ‘Mental health is becoming the next frontier of diversity and inclusion, and employees want their companies to address it,’ the authors wrote.”

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  1. Opponents would argue “cause does not automatically mean correlation.”

    But the fact that there are larger numbers of young people taking these drugs than ever and rates of joblessness due to emotional problems have skyrocketed should make anyone reconsider how effective these drugs are at helping people lead independent, meaningful lives.

    Psychiatry has been compared to a dragon on this site.

    I believe it is a Minotaur. An unnatural, hybridized monster lurking in a twisted maze of hopeless complexity. It prowls the darkness, devouring the young who have been placed there by the state. A convenient sacrifice to maintain tyranny.

    Unlike its Greek counterpart, our minotaur is not satisfied with 14 young people. Every year its appetite grows as it devours larger numbers of our young–and bellows for more.

    It is insatiable. Unless we find a Theseus, it will devour our future!

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  2. Mental health treatment now being the gateway to mental health work (found jobs?), we’ve got an even more slippery story here. Out of those 50 and 75 %ers respectively, X % of millennials, X % gen zers, used the mental health excuse to swing a career in mental health treatment provision. That’s the kind of research that you might be delving into more deeply. Are there better things they could be doing? You betcha!

    When it comes to mental health treatment and work, I will bet you’ve had drop outs and second timers in both as well. The plot thickens….like fly paper.

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  3. Thank you for the links and MIA.

    It’s so sweet and caring. Psychiatry worrying about my children.
    I’m sure Dr psychiatrist will take better care of them than the worst parent.
    They can no longer pick on informed adults, so off to the nursery.

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