Woman in Crisis Neglected, Died at WA Jail After 4 ‘Torturous’ Days


From KIRO 7: “Damaris Rodriguez died while behind bars at the SCORE jail, even though every moment of her four-day decline was captured on surveillance video.

The 43-year-old old mother of five was booked into the South Correctional Entity Jail in Des Moines on Dec. 30, 2017 after ‘she suffered from a mental health episode,’ according to the federal complaint her family filed in the United States District Court of Western Washington.

Rodriguez’s husband, Rey, recently spoke to KIRO 7 through an interpreter and said he called 911 that day ‘to get an ambulance, but instead the police arrived.’

‘I told them, she doesn’t need to go to jail. She needs to go to a hospital,’ the SeaTac man said.

During discovery, the family’s attorney received surveillance video from SCORE that shows a listless Rodriguez being carried into jail, apparently in handcuffs, on that late December afternoon. Multiple camera angles, show her being dragged into a booking cell and left there, lying face down.

Approximately 20 minutes later, Rodriguez is seen on surveillance being moved into another cell, where she then wanders in circles. By the next day – according to the time-stamped video – Rodriguez was naked, crawling and apparently vomiting.”

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    • BTW, people die of metabolic disorders and other problems in mental wards all the time. A faulty assumption that she would be alive if she had gone to one instead of an honestly named jail.

      Julie hated and feared psych wards and every profession linked to “mental health” after almost dying on a ward because they restricted her to one liter of water a day. The argument being dangers of water intoxication.

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      • Yes, we have to pretend that psychiatry is not a killer.
        I knew that she might not have been better off…..they caused it to begin with, not with intent, yet with complete knowledge.
        The jailers knew for a fact she was in trouble. One would have to be completely stupid not to see, so it makes those jailers not even safe parents or have ability to care for a dog. How ashamed I would be to have a son or daughter that allowed this to happen.

        This is the reason psychiatrists direct and control media. If media reports on these deaths, it was no intent by the jailers, and the jailers take the heat off psychiatry, or medicine in general.
        But psychiatry is safe, safe with all the deaths, until possibly one day.
        I am pretty sure that media is allowed to add past deaths to their article, I bet there are surefire ways to add details that shed light on psychiatric deaths.

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