Coronavirus: Temporary Changes to UK’s Mental Health Act


From Rethink Mental Illness: The UK government has proposed temporary changes to the Mental Health Act over concern that fewer providers will be available throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. If implemented, these changes will make it easier to detain people during the crisis. Read about the changes being proposed here.


    • Of course it’s permanent.
      We are not that stupid. It’s okay with the UN.
      The UN is BS, just another pretense of caring. I honestly don’t care what the stance is, the UN has no power, and the power they have, are not willing to interfere.
      The UN is completely okay with psychiatry being a killing field.

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  1. Really frightening development. I had a naive hope when I read the title what they meant was that they’d be releasing some of the people held against their will. This seriously violates international law.

    I am guessing they intend to do hardcore lock downs of the general population at some point and anyone breaking that will find out what the psych system is really about.

    Very worrying too, they’ll pick up more of the “sane” crowd, stick them in hospitals and give them drugs only for violating quarantine rules, then they’ll be in the system for life.

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  2. “Emergency powers, exercised in this conservative way, have long been thought to be a vital and, perhaps, even an essential component of a liberal constitutional‚ÄĒ that is, a rights-protecting‚ÄĒgovernment.” (from The law of the exception: A typology of emergency powers)

    Unfortunately any governments that have enacted Mental Health Acts to open up the legal possibility of torturing, maiming and killing of citizens could not really be considered “rights protecting governments” (totalitarian regimes disguised as liberal constitutions, human rights abuses disguised as ‘medicine’) and we should not expect them to act as such. Rights paid for in blood, written away by frauds with a pen.

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