RxISK: Medications Compromising COVID Infections


From RxISK: “In the present situation of pandemia by SARS-CoV-2, it is imperative to avoid pneumonia or pneumonitis and related risk factors as much as possible. The consumption of various commonly used medicines increases the risk of and complications from pneumonia.

Medicines can increase the risk of pneumonia or pneumonitis by depressing immunity and other protective mechanisms (e.g., immunosuppressive agents, antipsychotic agents, some opioid analgesics, proton pump inhibitors), by causing sedation, which may increase the risk of aspiration, by depressing pulmonary ventilation and favouring the occurrence of atelectasis (e.g., opioid analgesics, anticholinergic drugs, psychotropic agents), or by a combination of these mechanisms.

The public health impact of the association between exposure to certain drugs and infection or pneumonia depends on the prevalence of use of the concerned drug, the magnitude of the relative risk, and the baseline incidence of the condition (i.e., infection, pneumonia).”

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