The “Mentally Ill” Are LESS Dangerous


From Daniel Kriegman: “A new study supports the conclusion that it is substance abuse that accounts for the increases in violence and not mental illness. Using recidivism of releasees (rearrest rate) as the target measure, the authors reviewed the data from 10,000 New Jersey state inmates released in 2013.

What they found was that those releasees who had been identified as having a mental illness but lacked a history of substance abuse had the lowest rate of recidivism, even lower than those who had no history of substance abuse and no diagnosis of a mental illness.”



  1. “…One policy conclusion that could be drawn from this study is that the attempt to use drugs to make mental patients less dangerous is the obverse of what is needed. ..” – Completely true again.

    Psychiatric medications (usually taken for “work stress”) can cause Suicide Violence and Homicide in people with no underlying “mental illness” or violent tendencies.

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  2. You can actually guesstimate the likelihood of patient violence if you take the time to find out details of your patient/client/interviewee’s experiential world. It can even be a clue to what nutrients to use to reassemble your individual’s scattered wits, should you know what symptomologies appear with certain deficiencies, dependencies and excesses.

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  3. Given the reality that the vast majority of those labeled with the DSM disorders are crime victims – child abuse survivors – not perpetrators of crimes.

    Of course, “The ‘Mentally Ill’ Are LESS Dangerous.” It’s the pedophiles and child sex traffickers – who the “mental health professionals” have been systemically aiding, abetting, and empowering – who are the “dangerous” people.

    Let’s hope at some point the “mental health” industry will get out of the, by DSM design, child abuse and rape covering up business.

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