Bad Things Happen 2020 – A Protest Song

A song by James Moore, host of MIA Radio, specially rerecorded for the A Disorder For Everyone online festival, 18 September 2020. Based on a quote by Professor John Read.

Click here for a free copy of the song. Not safe for work!


My brain isn’t broken
My mind is not confused
Suffering is human
Drugs don’t improve mood

Don’t want your diagnosis
Don’t need a label
Don’t need the DSM
Sitting on my kitchen table

And I don’t think it’s wrong
Feeling down and blue
But I do find suspicious
The cash your drugs accrue

Your diagnosing checklist
Well it seems so arbitrary
The way you lock us up
Is nothing short of scary

Bad things happen and they f*ck you up
If you’re searching in a textbook
You’re completely out of luck
Bad things happen and they f*ck you up
This is the reality, better listen up

So my chemicals aren’t balanced
Or my genes are out of whack
I don’t believe you know the truth
Aren’t you really just a quack?

Where is the evidence
And the facts that we seek
We’re telling you it’s not ok
And we will not be meek

You have damaged so many
Based completely on a myth
You have profited from pain
But when accused you take the fifth

Diagnosed, drugged and bound
You probably think we’re through
But we’re rising up in protest
And we’ll get the truth from you

Bad things happen and they f*ck you up
Keep on adding your disorders
But you’re gonna end up stuck
Bad things happen and they f*ck you up
This is our reality, better listen up

Bad things happen And they f*ck you up (Repeat x 6)

But YOU f*cked up



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  1. LOL James, awesome and terrific. Do you think you might be asked by psychiatry to tour and perform at their colleges and universities?
    I mean even shrinks and the “MH” industry need to rock out.
    If psychiatry does not have enough money to cover your performance at their meetings, would you consider offering it for free? 🙂

    If they could only laugh at themselves, it could be SO much better. And your song should in the least help them do that, to smile at their assumptions and chill out among the chaos.

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      • LOL, I’ve seen their faces, and they don’t listen at all, their minds are pre-made up, and that is a face one never forgets. Devoid of “hey, I’m in here with you”.
        How does one deal with “my mind is pre-made up.”? Like a stubborn child, or cultists who blame their lack of insight on you.
        Ultimately one must walk away and become a crusader, a stubborn and defiant opposition.

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