San Francisco Launches New Police-Alternative Program


From The Mercury News: “Under the pilot program, teams of paramedics, behavioral health clinicians and peer specialists will respond to certain non-violent 911 calls in the city, instead of cops. Starting Monday, the first team will begin responding to people experiencing mental health crises.

. . . Officials expect the crisis teams eventually to respond to about 17,000 calls per year — that’s how many calls police currently respond to involving mental health crises.”

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  1. I wasn’t able to read the article, without first giving them my email. Which I had no desire to do, since I already get too many garbage emails.

    But I will say, “teams of paramedics, behavioral health clinicians and peer specialists will respond to certain non-violent 911 calls in the city, instead of cops,” isn’t necessarily a good idea. Since the “mental health” workers’ DSM belief system has no scientific validity.

    And the “mental health” industry doesn’t know how to do anything, other than misdiagnose innocent people, with their make believe DSM disorders, then neurotoxic poison them.

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    • It could only work if there was complete confidentiality. Complete safety can only occur if conversations are confidential. After all, a crisis needs to have support.
      I am afraid because it is run by taxpayers money, it still falls under psych. Perhaps it is better than being hauled in by unstable cops.
      I fear you are correct in that I doubt anyone will really benefit since the first advice from these teams will be to go to see a “MH professional”.

      I’m hoping it benefits at least one, or two. And I do see the smokescreen. The one where the real issue is not dealt with. I never miss the coverup. It is another attempt to rescue Psych.

      My hope is that a few will actually be saved from psych.

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  2. Let’s get our analyses straight here.

    If one accepts the two basic AP principles that a) Psychiatry is not a legitimate field of medicine and ) “Psychiatry is a tool of social control,” it makes no sense to speak of sending shrinks (or their surrogates) “along with” the police. Psychiatry IS the police! It’s just a question of style. And don’t forget the guy who was murdered with a ketamine injection.


    PS In a life & death situation a martial arts expert who could disarm a “crazy” person would be a much better option than shrinks OR cops!

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  3. You have answered with the obvious solution to almost all off the social ills discussed on MIA. Not sarcasm here.. Really. It’s commonly called Community, (although one must avoid the use of “commune”) the Poorhouse, the Work House. Working for room and board, being helpful and useful in supporting your own existence instead of suckling off the teat of whatever govt or 501c3 sow is available, whether we like that idea or think it’s oppressive, is proven in the past and evident in the present day (refs available) to give placement to solitary, homeless, jobless, marginalized, outcast, and I/DD people, convicts.
    Successful county jails and state prisons have proven that they can become self contained facilities. Basically growing food,
    working outside in nature with your hands, have routine, learn responsibility and enjoy comeradery. It doesn’t get any better than that!
    Yes, it might be religious.
    It might not.
    It might have white men leaders
    It might have black women leaders.. Whatever.
    It might appear to the shallow public to be similar to tenant farming or slavery because it involves agriculture
    It might not be financially”profitable”
    It certainly won’t be on the carousel psychiatric loop that gives the ability of people that are well to make their living off the backs of the sick, poor and marginalized as it is done today.

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