FDA OKs New ‘Antipsychotic’ Drug Combo That ‘Limits the Pleasure of Food Intake’


From MedPage Today: A newly approved “medication” for “schizophrenia” and “bipolar disorder” promises to reduce usual weight gain with olanzapine/Zyprexa by making it less pleasant to eat food.

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  1. When you read about this drug, all a reasonable person can think is: this just sounds evil. No, it doesn’t sound evil. It is evil and those who prescribe these types of drugs need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But, they will not, because this is legal. I could go on, but, I just want a little joy in life. Thank you.

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    • Hey, I have a better plan: if you just take a couple teaspoons of Epsom Salts in warm water in the morning, you’ll completely lose your appetite for anything, feel nauseated at the thought of food, and have a bad case of the runs within hours! A lot cheaper than taking the drugs with the same result. People who purge have been aware of this for DECADES! But seriously, folks, what kind of an industry comes up with solutions like this? What’s next, they burn out our taste buds so nothing tastes good? At least the stomach staple is honest in its approach and doesn’t pretend to be “treating” anything. What is wrong with these people???

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  2. Create adverse effects with drugs, then come up with new drugs to treat those ADRs. Typical, but truly big Pharma is so criminal, as seemingly is the FDA. Zyprexa is not “safe and effective,” it made me “psychotic,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning.

    And couldn’t limiting ‘the Pleasure of Food Intake’ be considered a form of torture? I know I felt sorry for a guy I ate with, who told me he couldn’t taste anything. Why is eliminating ‘pleasures’ the goal of the medical community?

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    • Opioid antagonists like the drug added to this combo drug can cause hallucinations, anxiety and depression.

      “Why is eliminating ‘pleasures’ the goal of the medical community?”

      Because their drugs cause obesity and for PR purposes they want to find a way to reduce an obvious harm they cause.

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  3. I know I have posted comments to this article but there is just something about this idea that is “beyond the pale.” First, I remember reading in Torrey’s book about schizophrenia and cigarette smoking. Yes, he said cigarette smoking is almost epidemic among schizophrenics, but, please don’t stop them from smoking because schizophrenics get so little pleasure. (I don’t think Torrey wanted to admit how the drugs cause all this.) But, also, once, the psychiatrist put me on Zyprexa because I couldn’t sleep. That drug is one of the culprits causing some people to gain up to one hundred pounds in a month and then they are unable to take it off. First, he put me on the scales and then he told me that I could not eat after, I think 7pm; not even a celery or carrot stick. Years later, in honor of his stupid cruelty, I usually always have some sort of midnight snack. But, the question remains, if these drugs cause so much side effects like these, why decrease their pleasure in life with more drugs that are supposed to accomplish this? Eating pleasurable food is a sacred thing in life. Almost every religion has some type of eating ritual which gets the worshippers to together for both fellowship and service to their God. In the Christian religion of which I am the most familiar, a super major sacrament involves eating and drinking; i.e. communion, the Last Supper, etc. One whole day in the Christian Calendar is set aside to commemorate this: Maundy Thursday– the Thursday before Easter Sunday. And, of course, there are the Church Potlucks, a tradition in so many churches, that bring people together for food and fellowship. Eating is a form of fellowship; even if you must eat alone. Eating brings people together. One thing people on drugs need more than ever is to re-learn to eat, so they can re-learn to be with people. Oh, I get it! Let’s just take away all their pleasures so they will be nothing but robotic slaves to the drug cause—Again, these psychiatry, etc. seek to bring the world into their Land of the Borg. I wish I could quote the character “Maude” from that old 1070’s TV Series by the same name, “God will get you for this!” But, then, how do we know? He may very well do that —in His own way—in His own time. Thank you.

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    • Does anyone disagree that psychiatrists making people feeling guilty and personaly responsible for the negative effects of psychiatrics drugs is a form of gaslighting and victim blaming?

      “Here is this drug (which I make my money from) it is safe and effective.”

      Later when the person gains weight because the drug slows down their metabolism, causes sedation, and increases cravings for unhealthy food.

      “You need to make a few $200 appointments to help facilitate a change in your eating and exercise habits because they are causing health problems.”

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        • Steve McCrea, You are right. It’s disgusting, but it’s a little game that play. They give you a drug or drugs that cause you, amongst other things, to gain weight. Then you can sit in their offices they talk to, perhaps another one of your “providers” and complain that you are being uncooperative because you will not lose the weight that would make you (the patient) feel better. And, from that time on, they are more interested in if you have lost 10 pounds since your last visit and ignore anything else about you, including any “improvements” in any area. It is one of the traps they set for you. Finally, do you do realize it’s not about you, but about them. Thank you.

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  4. Think about this: Many of these psych drugs do give you the “munchies” just like marijuana and since there is so push from many circles to legalize marijuana, perhaps, these greedy, self-serving, evil population. (I can’t call them individuals as they seem to have, tragically, thrown away that God-given right.) see a market. Thank you.

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  5. Here are a list of some of the side effects of opioid antagonists which is added to Zyprexa for this “new” drug.

    -Trouble sleeping
    -Headaches, stomach and/or muscle pain
    -Restlessness (Who can spell akinthsia?)
    -Liver damage
    -Reduced socialization

    In the FDA report the new drug had worse scores on the negative and positive symptoms. The lower dosage of drugs had better scores compared to higher doses.
    The people taking the “new” drug also ended up with worse blood glucose measurements.

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