How Effective Are Therapy and Medication, and What Do They Treat?


In this 30-minute podcast, Peter Simons reports on the latest scientific articles in psychiatry. The goal is to provide more detail than is usually found in conventional research news and to help listeners understand how to interpret the findings.

Articles covered in this podcast include:

  • A massive study that found both therapy and medication to have small effect sizes—very limited effectiveness—for almost all psychiatric diagnoses;
  • An article suggesting that general practitioners need to prescribe fewer antidepressants and learn how to help their patients discontinue the drugs;
  • A study in JAMA Neurology that found antidepressants to be no better than placebo for depression after a stroke;
  • A study that found patients and their doctors rarely agree on whether they improved after inpatient depression treatment;
  • A study that concluded no brain imaging test has been able to identify a meaningful brain difference in depression, and no genetic link was found either; and
  • An article in Psychological Medicine by John Read and Joanna Moncrieff highlighting the ineffectiveness of antidepressants and ECT, and suggesting a paradigm shift in how we perceive psychological distress.

Other information comes from:

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