Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Patients as Partners: A Social Empowerment Approach to Health and Mental Health

Hugh Polk and Ann Green discuss social medicine with Jessie Fields, a medical doctor working in Harlem, a community leader, and an advocate for transforming our health and mental health care system.

Sound After Psychiatry

In the wake of psychiatry, there was a fracture, a gulf that opened between me and the authentic sound of my voice when it is connected and resonates with my truth.

Torture at Lake Alice “Hospital”, New Zealand

Lake Alice was a psychiatric institution in New Zealand connected with hundreds of reported abuses, especially of children. A new Royal Commission evidence-gathering hearing is set for this year.

Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 1: This Book Might Save Your Life

The term “psychiatric survivor” says it all in just two words. In no other medical specialty do the patients call themselves survivors because they survived despite being exposed to that specialty.

Remembering Jennifer Kinzie (1979-2021)

Jennifer Kinzie was a licensed mental health counselor who used her lived experience to guide her work—not only as a counselor and therapist, but also as a volunteer with psychiatric survivor groups.

Giving Up on Mental Health Care

After 34 years, I've concluded that some psychologists/psychiatrists may genuinely want to help people, but they certainly don't have a good toolbox to do it with and, quite likely, never will.

Town Halls/Webinars

March 11: MIA Continuing Education webinar on “Trauma of Racism. Healing Our National Legacy.” Register here. (Free).

March 12: Town Hall – Exploring the Science of Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal. Register here.(Donation of your choice; minimum $1.)


Research Surveys

Ongoing studies and projects seeking participants for surveys/panels on mental health issues.

The latest is a request for participatory &/or user-led research, commentaries & reports for the Lancet Psychiatry Commission on the Psychoses in a Global Context.

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Video Gallery

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal – Town Hall Discussion #1

Watch the recording of our first psychiatric drug withdrawal town hall discussion, aired live on January 15, 2021. Featuring panelists Adele Framer, Luke Montagu, Swapnil Gupta and John Read.