Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Will Hall speaks to the APA

Beyond Meds offers an audio recording of Will Hall "a living example of someone who now thrives as a result of trusting his gut...

“Szasz Turned Psychiatry on it Head”

The Baltimore Sun reflects on "the kind of author no one reads but everyone knows about. That's unfortunate. Too many mental health professionals haven't the foggiest...

Data Access: The World-Wide Wait

1 Boring Old Man revisits the Robert Gibbons articles in light of David Healy's presentation to the APA last week; "His papers had no...

Health is not “Alternative”

Beyond Meds lays bare the irony that "practicing simple healthy habits is called 'alternative' health and/or medicine." Beyond Meds →

A New Kind of Empirical Article

Neurochambers' Chris Chambers, a freshly-minted associate editor for journal Cortex, asks for comments on "the most important thing I have committed to this blog...

Good People in Bad Systems Perpetrate Acts of Great Evil

Ben Goldacre answers readers' questions in the The Guardian. Article → 

Stockholm Syndrome and the Identified Patient

Monica Cassani, reflecting on David Healy's explication of the ways the psychiatric system as it currently operates turns "patients" into hostages, and her own...

Trauma and Misdiagnosis in Childhood Bipolar Disorder

Psychology Today offers a psychoanalytic perspective on childhood bipolar disorder that finds trauma at the root, a view that sees Beyond Meds as extending beyond the diagnoses...

Misconduct, Intentional and/or Institutional, in Science and Finance

Neuroskeptic compares misconduct as it occurs in science to that of finance, finding that deliberate rule-breaking such as that of Bernie Madoff and others,...

The Depression Problem

1 offers a personal experience of depression, starting with "I wish they would stop calling depression a mental illness. Because when I’m depressed, my...

1 Boring Old Man Roundup

1 Boring Old Man has been a very busy (old) man, with more background on the Philadelphia gynecomastia trial, notice of unrepresentative sampling for clinical...

The History of Whistleblowing, and Whistleblower of the Year

1 Boring Old Man reviews the history of whistleblowing, and the story of Allen Jones, who started the ball rolling on the Johnson &...

Clinical Intuition, Clinical Trials, and the Library at Alexandria

1 Boring Old Man revisits the question of reliance on clinical intuition vs. research, and watching the research upon which his young career was...

“When Does That Go On Trial?”

1 Boring Old Man scrutinizes the evidence that Johnson & Johnson hid evidence of Risperdal's breast-growing properties, among other improper actions, concluding "The story...

“If This Isn’t Racketeering…”

1 Boring Old Man opines that the lawyers in the Texas TMAP trial "were operating on a higher plane than these guys in Philadelphia,"...

Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients

Monica Cassani writes an impassioned review of Ben Goldacre's new book Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients. Beyond Meds →...

We are not meant to be well-balanced, sober servants of collective values…

Monica Cassani continues her daily contributions to life with this excerpt from James Hollis' "Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path." Beyond Meds →

DSM-5: Inter-Rater Reliability on the Decline

1 Boring Old Man reviews the decline in inter-rater reliability from the DSM-II to  the DSM-5. 1 Boring Old Man →

J&J Tries to Block a Reporter from Courtroom

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter David Sell writes of Johnson & Johnson's attempt to remove him from the courtroom during jury selection for the upcoming Risperdal...

J&J CEO Too Busy to Testify in Gynecomastia Trial

David Sell writes in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the travels and tribulations of Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky, who will be too busy...

Mental Health Rights, Pharma, and the Election

Jim Gottstein writes in Pharmalot about developments in the mental health rights field, how pharma has contributed (positively or negatively), and how the upcoming...

Recognition That “Mental Illness” Is Not What We’ve Been Told

Monica Cassani reviews an article in the Wilson Quarterly about the changing paradigm of mental illness and the failure of the psychopharmacological era. Beyond Meds...

$11 Billion in Drug Industry Fines Not Enough

The U.K.'s Independent asks whether the $11 Billion in fines that the drug industry has racked up, and related "corporate integrity agreements," are enough...

Profile of J&J CEO Alex Gorsky

1 Boring Old Man reviews the rise, and possible fall and its implication, of Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky; who has built his...

Beyond Meds: “Healer Heal Thyself”

Monica Cassani writes in "Beyond Meds" about the general lack of self-awareness among mental health treaters and the consequent lack of a recovery orientation...

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