Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Searching for Zen and Finding a Cow

If I had a clinical problem, why was something as ancient and simple as meditation helping me? And if normal positive human habits could be so profoundly useful, why the heck was the field marketing pills and “clinical” coping mechanisms to me instead? This frustration helped me jump ship from the medical mindset and hop into the world of humanity.

Pennsylvania Foster Kids Prescribed Too Many Psychotropic Drugs

Amid growing criticism about the over-prescription of psychotropic medication in foster care, Pennsylvania commissioned PolicyLab to conduct an analysis of the use of psychiatric drugs among all of the state’s Medicaid-enrolled children. The report, released in June, found that the rate of psychotropic prescriptions among youth in Medicaid and foster care was higher than previously reported.

Hypnotic Medications Linked to Suicide Risk

A recent review found that hypnotic medications are associated with risks of suicide and suicidal ideation.

Researchers Reveal Misconceptions About ADHD

A new article explains common misconceptions about ADHD that are held by teachers and mental health professionals and may lead to overdiagnosis and overmedication in schools.

Researchers Question the Utility of an ADHD Diagnosis

A new article examines the usefulness of the ADHD diagnosis and suggests alternatives

No Advantage for Second-Generation Antipsychotics

In a study of 720 consecutive hospital admissions in a specific catchment area from 1991 to 2005, researchers found that there was no difference...

Exposure to Violence Alters Children’s DNA, Life-Long Health

In a sample of 236 children recruited from the Environmental-Risk Longitudinal Twin Study, researchers from Duke University and King's College London found that children...
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Brave New Apps: The Arrival of Surveillance Psychiatry

Large, centralized, digital social networks and data-gathering platforms have come to dominate our economy and our culture. In the domain of mental health, huge pools of data are being used to train algorithms to identify signs of mental illness. I call this practice surveillance psychiatry.

Over 1/2 of Autistic Children take Psychotropics

"... Absence of clear practice guidelines for psychotropic medication use in children with ASD" leads to a range of drugs for depression, anxiety, psychosis...

The Cocktail Party

As a prescription drug and addiction expert for The O’Reilly Factor, Fox National News and many other news outlets, I am often called when a celebrity death occurs. While the loss of a talented actor or musician is tragic, I know from personal experience that the magnitude of devastation from legal drugs is happening to millions of innocent people – through psychoactive medications.

“MIT’s Misleading PR Headline on Autism”

Last week a headline from MIT news proclaimed “Neuroscientists reverse autism symptoms.” The Health News Review points out why this headline is misleading. Article →...

Peer-led Education Increases Self-esteem and Assertiveness

A study of 428 adults with mental illness diagnoses were randomly assigned to the Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals (BRIDGES) peer-led education...

Psychologist Who Set Standard for Diagnosing ADHD Dies at 84

From The New York Times: Keith Conners, the psychologist whose work established the first standards for diagnosing and treating what is now known as attention...

Pressuring Parents to Drug Children

Jim Gottstein on Pressuring Parents to Drug Children

Activity-Based Therapies Reduce Antipsychotic Use

Researchers from the University of North Carolina found that activity-based therapy and care reduced the use of antipsychotics in a study of 107 people...
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APA: Drop the Stigmatizing Term “Schizophrenia”

I believe that the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organization should follow the lead of several countries that have already retired the term "schizophrenia" from their vocabularies. The time is now to drop this stigmatizing, hope-disabling, scientifically controversial term.

The Dangers of Using the Club Drug Ketamine for Depression

From TIME: The club drug ketamine has been found in some small studies to help treat people categorized as having treatment-resistant depression. However, while ketamine has...

We Must Defeat the Tories for the Sake of Our Mental Health

From The Daily Mirror: According to U.K. academics and mental health groups, five more years of Tory rule would greatly exacerbate people's mental health and cause...

Educating Psychiatrists and Patients Does Not Reduce Polypharmacy or Obesity

Teaching psychiatrists the appropriate prescribing guidelines for patients with schizophrenia did not reduce the incidence of inappropriate prescribing.

How Our Military Discards Its Wounded Troops

From The Daily Beast: A newly released Government Accountability Office report found that 62 percent of military servicemembers who were discharged for misconduct between 2011...

Mindfulness Therapy May Be More Effective Without Antidepressants

While an estimated 74-percent of patients diagnosed with major depression receive a prescription for an antidepressant, new research reveals that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)...

Only One-quarter of US Children Taking ADHD Stimulants Get Any Psychotherapy

Most US children and youth diagnosed with ADHD are taking stimulant medications, but less than one-quarter are receiving any amount of concurrent psychotherapy of...

Crazy Talk: The Dangerous Rhetoric of Mental Illness

In this piece for Eidolon, Jessica Wright discusses the ways that labeling people as "crazy" and "mentally ill" has served to justify oppression throughout history....

Does Marijuana Make for Depressed Brains?

From U.S. News & World Report: While some medical marijuana advocates claim that certain strands of weed may help with depression, research on the effects of...

Can Psychoanalysis Treat Psychosis?

A video recording of the 2nd Lambeth and Southwark Mind Annual Lecture held in conjunction with BLOCK336 is now available. In this lecture, Dorothée...

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