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Kevin MacDonald and the Elevation of Anti-Semitic Pseudoscience

From Undark:¬†"Of course, there are many ideas ‚ÄĒ some with passionate followings ‚ÄĒ that don‚Äôt receive much attention in academic journals. These might include...

Bias Against Fat People is So Endemic We Don’t Recognize It

From Medical Xpress: People from all marginalized backgrounds are subjected to microaggressions and hostility every day, which has serious physical and mental health consequences. But our...

The Elephant in the Room

From Discursive of Tunbridge Wells: Psychologist Rufus May speaks about the often overlooked role of racism in the mental health system. People of color are...

When Therapists Face Discrimination

From Monitor on Psychology: Although psychologists from minority backgrounds often face discrimination and prejudice from clients, they receive very little training on how to address it....

A Cultural History of Extraordinary Bodies

In this episode of the Yale Press Podcast, Lynne Vallone discusses our societal perception of, fascination with, and oppression against people with both small and...

Checking Facts About Gun Violence and Mental Illness

From The New York Times: The recent Florida school shooting has led to widespread conversations about links between gun violence and mental health issues. Journalists...


In this episode of BBC's Thinking Allowed, Laurie Taylor invites three researchers to speak about the origins and meaning of the term "stigma," as well as...

How Therapists Can Grow Beyond Cultural Competence

From GoodTherapy.org: Cultural competence is the standard set by the mental health profession that deems therapists capable of providing services to clients from diverse backgrounds. However,...

Social Work Professionals Face Creeping Fascism

From¬†Rabble: The regulatory body for social workers and social service workers in Ontario¬†‚ÄĒ the Ontario College for Social Workers and Social Service Workers¬†‚ÄĒ is...

How Your Germs Control Your Politics

In this podcast for Cracked, Alex Schmidt and David Wong discuss how our fear of germs has shaped our politics, preferences, and personalities throughout history. "Stop...

Reflections on the Cruel and Subtle Costs of Racism and Bigotry

In this essay for the Psychiatric Times, Dr. Edward Khantzian reflects on the pain and grief caused by all forms of racism and bigotry, from...

So, You Still Say Trump is Crazy?

By calling Trump 'crazy' for making wildly racist, sexist, and other hateful remarks and out-of-control tweets (among other things), you fail to actually promote an end to such violence and bigotry. Instead, you are simply asking that it be redirected to another group.